The episode starts with Hye Joo shocked with Soo Bin’s statement that Jung Do was the last person Ji Hoon met before his death. She recalls how Jung Do lied her about the wake at night which he actually attended during the dinner time. She questioned him about the same confronting about who he met that night but Jung Do doesn’t answer. She even suspects him of having an affair but Jung Do refuses to give in the details. Seung Hee posts online about Hye Joo responsible for her brother’s death with fake sex scandal.

Nam Jung Do’s staffs are having a drink and discussing about the Namgoog Sol’s bill when Woo Jae gets a call. Hye Joo is still confronting Jung Do when Woo Jae calls him and tells him about Seung Hee’s post going viral. Seung Hee says her mother about her announcing the world that her brother was innocent and her mother gets worried but didn’t say the truth. Hye Joo is reading the comments online and Jung Do asks her to stop doing it. He suggests her to go live on TV as it’s the only option. Hye Joo taunts him that if it’s pre-decided too but Nam Jung Do says that it’s not. He asks her to take her time.

Seung Hee asks her mother the reason for her visit to Seoul but she doesn’t answer. She gets call from Soo Hong but ignores it. He’s frustrated with her when Woo Jin Seok joins him for dinner. He proposes to help her party pass the important bills and in return asks her to not support the Nam Goong sol’s Bill proposed by Jung Do and she gets into thinking. Hye Joo sleeps with Yeo Jin in her room to avoid Jung Do. The next day. He has a meeting with his staffs who says that the support for their bill is gradually declining with the online post as people started suspecting the real motive behind the bill.

Jung Do requests them to handle the media while he promises to make a statement soon. Seung Hee gets a call from headquarters that the training session got postponed and Seung Hee gets doubtful as Ki Young visited Seoul for attending the training. She checks his car dashcam and finds all that happened before Hye Joo’s house and gets shocked. Hye Joo’s house is swarmed with reporters and Hye Joo sneaks to her studio to avoid them. Jung Do switches off his mobile to avoid reporters call and so Hye Joo couldn’t contact him. She calls Woo Jae who pressures to go on TV to handle the situation. Yeon Seo also faces humiliation at school.

Ki Young asks Yoo Shin to say the truth to Seung Hee but she refuses to get her son exposed. He himself says the truth to her but Seung Hee doesn’t believe him and accuses him for trying to save Hye Joo for his love for her. Yoo Shin also provokes her against Ki Young. Nam’s own party members were upset with him over the scandal revolving his wife and asks him to drop the bill. Yeon Seo comes to her mother and expresses that she herself don’t trust her and Yeo Jin scolds her ad takes her away. Hye Joo breaks down. She calls Jung Do and agrees to go live on TV.

Woo Jae suggests to do it immediately but Jung Do says that they need to resolve only when it gets big. Woo Jae is concerned that Hye Joo will be affected but Jung Do says that it’s inevitable for the law to pass. He then calls Ki Young to get him on their side and he willingly agrees to hand over all the evidence to him. Soo Bin’s doctor calls Hye Joo to her clinic and reveals that Soo Bin had miscarriage and that the baby was not of Ji Hoon’s as she was pregnant when he was in jail.

Soo Bin meets with her ex-boyfriend who reveals all that he did teaming up with Assemblyman Kang and also asks her to go with his plan as he made drug dealings with her bank account. He also informs her about the Hye Joo’s past getting stirred up. Hye Joo tries contacting Soo Bin but couldn’t reach her. She shares her worries with Yeo Jin and also is relieved that Ji Hoon didn’t commit sexual assault. She believes that there is more that she doesn’t know and expresses that Yeo Jin is the only person she could trust. Yeo Jin feels guilty. Soo Bin meets with Woo Jae who convinces her to stay their side a promise to protect her from her ex. Nam Jung Do came back home but Hye Joo is still upset with him about what happened that night. Jung Do finally reveals that he ,met with Ji Hoon who got himself in another trouble.

He says that he lied to her as he didn’t want her feel worried about the same. He reveals that he spoke few harsh words to him at that time which might be the reason for his big step. He feels guilty about the same and Hye Joo comforts him. Soo Bin listens to Hye Joo’s voice recording and finds that she warned everything but is still worried about her. Soo Bin cries and feels guilty. Hye Joo wake up early morning and meets Soo Bin outside her house. Soo Bin reveals that Ji Hoon and her caught Jung DO cheating on her with Yeo Jin and Ji Hoon went to meet Jung Do that night to confront him about the same. She suspects that it’s Jung DO who killed Ji Hoon shocking Hye Joo.