The episode starts with Crown Prince in Crow Princess quarters for their first night. He recalls his first meet with Chang Ah and how he found that she’s Queen do Wager’s choice . He left the chamber angrily while Chang Ah look upset. Rumors starts spreading in the palace while Crown Prince spends a sleepless night after ditching Chang Ah. On the other hand Court Lady Shin takes Cho Wol to the Queen who’s with Mu An’s baby. Queen lashes out at her for trying to abandon a new born. Cho Wol says that the baby has started recognizing faces and it won’t be right for her to identify her mother as she can’t stay with her. Mu An comes there and Queen tells him about his baby. Mu An takes the responsibility of the baby not having heart to ditch her. Chang Ah is upset in her quarters and drinks and wonders the various reasons for the Crown Prince abandoning her. Mu An spends a sleepless night as the baby kept crying the whole night.

Next day Court Lady wakes up Crown Princess as it’s time for her to pay her respect with Crown Prince. She complaints about Crown Prince abandoning her last night. Later, she joins Crown Prince to pay respect to Do Wager. She asks him the reason for abandoning her but he doesn’t answer. They both pay respect to Do Wager who asks them about their non-consummated night. Crown Princess lies that he went for a while but the n returned to quarters later. Mu An couldn’t sleep a wink whole night and struggles to handle the baby. Queen learns about her son ditching her daughter in law. Chang Ah directly comes to Queen to asks the reason for her son ditching her. She partially blames the Queen for not teaching him enough about physical intimacy while the Queen laughs at her. She agrees to do something about it. Mu An asks for Court Lady’s help to handle the bay but she’s also inexperienced. Queen mocks him for only talks and no result.

King has a meeting with court people and wants to give the responsibility of political affairs to the Crown Prince. Chief State Councilor is against it while the rest surprises him by standing with the Crown Prince including Taxation Minister Park. Chief State Councilor feels helpless. Queen pacifies the baby and teaches it to Mu An she says that the bay is a resemblance of him. Crown Prince check sfor books regarding price control when he comes across a missing record from late Crown Prince’s journal. He shares it with his mother and they both figure out that the late Crown Prince started coughing blood only after Physician Kwon performed acupuncture on him. They suspect that he was murdered. Queen also reveals Crown Prince that Crown Princess is her choice for him as she love shim madly and asks him not to mistake her. Physician Kwon and Master To Ji meets Ui Seong in private and asks for his help to protest against the King. Ui Seong refuses to go against his father but they co front him about his crimes and promises to get rid of the current Crown Prince just like they did with the previous one by killing him and bringing him to his place. Ui Seong agrees to it.

Physician Kwon gets re instated on Queen’s request while Chief State Councilor and Consort Hwang were surprised by it. Queen pretends like she’s trusting Kwon to help her find her son’s murderer while Kwon smirks thinking her to be stupid. Master to ji meets up with Physician Kwon who says about queen finding about the late Crown Prince’s poisoning. Master To ji suspects that the reinstatement is a trap and warns Physician Kwon about it. Chang Ah gets upset that she couldn’t meet the Crown Prince. Her Court Lady suggests her to take grain soup to the Crown Prince’s chamber to see him.

She enters the chambers unaware that the Crown Prince is changing. She keeps it down and is about to run away but slips and the Crown Prince holds her. They share a small romantic moment. Mu An’s brothers finds about his baby. Queen learns from her messenger that it’s Yoon who did the autopsy of late Crown Prince Tae In. She checks the prescriptions brought by Crown Prince were similar to the on suggested for Crown Prince Tae In. Queen shows the prescription to Crown Prince who learns that even the handwriting are similar. Consort Hwang gives the poison to Kwon that would not be identifieds through autopsy.

Queen shares with Kwon about finding that Royal Physician Yoon is alive.Ui Seong shares with Chief State Councilor about his decision who immediately admonishes it. He says that it could be their disadvantage as it’s him who killed deposed Queen’s son and if their brother gets to the throne it could be danger for them. Ui Seong plans to eliminate him too so that he gets on the throne as King directly instead of becoming the Crown Prince. The brothers admire the baby while Mu An studies the books to take care of her. Court Lady Shin takes the baby to wet nurse for her to feed the baby. Next day, Mu An come srushing to Queen saying that the baby is running a fever.

Queen checks the baby and says that it’s just colic reaction and asks him not to worry. Mu An realizes that the baby needs mother and pleads her to find Cho Wol. Cho Wol is revealed to be the wet nurse and it’s the Queen who convinced her to stay hiding in palace as wet nurse. She says she would regret getting separated from her infant as she went through the same. Queen asks Mu An to handle any consequences in future. Mu An is happy to have his baby and her mother.

Crown Prince confronts Master Toji and gives him the autopsy of late Crown Prince. Master Toji accepts that he’s the Royal Physician Yoon but also says that he gave only the right medicine. He says that he disappeared as another Crown Prince died after taking his medicine. Crown Prince sows him the late Crown Prince’s autopsy and yoon reveals that it’s smiliar to late Crown Prince Tae In’s autopsy. He says that even the late King was with him when he performed the autopsy. It’s reveelaed that Master To ji decides to put himself as the bait to get the Queen to dig the secret of Tae In’s death.

Queen and Crown Prince finds that both the late Crown Prince’s were poisoned the same way. They decide to check the records of late King to know the truth. Queen also finds that Yoon is an ally with Kwon. Hwang inites Do Wager for tea who breaks it revealing that she was aware of the poison in the drink. She confronts her about the father of Ui Seong. Kwon visits deposed Queen Yoon and is revealed to be her son, The Real Heir to the throne. It’s also revealed that Ui Seong is his son and the supposed Crown Prince .