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Vijay Television’s daily soap Kaatrukkena Veli is gearing up for more drama with Surya Abhi challenging Vennila.

In the previous episode it was shown that Surya said to Abhi to takes help Vennila’s help to catch the missed classes. Surya asked Vennila to give her study notes to Abhi. The latter rejected Vennila’s help and challenged that she will score more marks than Vennila in the semester exams. Vennila said that she never compromise in studies and said that she will be the topper. Vennila and her friends came to the canteen to celebrate for Surya making Abhi apologize to Vennila. Surya and Mahadevan arrived there. Vennila’s friends asked them to join with them. They agreed. Surya and Mahadevan learned the reason for their celebration and joined them. Abhi got furious seeing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Abhi and Anandhi will return home and will tell Meenakshi that Surya is sitting with Vennila and his friends and celebrating. Meenakshi will advice Abhi to defeat Vennila in study by scoring more marks than her. Abhi will agree. Vennila will get ready for her semester exams. Saradha will give her few tips. Soumiya will call Vennila and will wish her luck. Mahadevan and Maragadam will scold Soumiya for that. Vennila will call her mother to get her blessings. Her dad will receive the call and will scold Vennila. Later Vennila’s mother will wish her luck for the exams. Abhi will also leave her house for exams.

What will happen next? Will Vennila win in the challenge? What trouble will Abhi cause to Vennila?

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