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Vijay Television’s show Kaatrukkena Veli’s is gearing up for more drama with Abhi asking Madhavan to do anything he wants to stop Vennila’s study.

In the previous episode it was seen that Abhi and Anandhi discussed about how to send Vennila back to the village. Abhi decided to take Madhavan’s help as Madhavan also didn’t like Vennila studying here. Anandhi got scared, but Abhi convinced her for this plan. Abhi phoned Madhavan and asked to meet her. Madhavan recognized Abhi’s voice as the same person’s voice, who informed him about Vennila doing night study with her friends in the college campus. Later Abhi met Madhavan. Madhavan recognized Abhi and Ananadhi as Vennila college owner’s family daughters. Abhi asked Madhavan to help them to send Vennila back to the village. Madhavan agreed.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Madhan will learn from Anandhi and Abhi what time Vennila comes back from work. Mahadevan will come to Saradha’s house to help her do packing. Saradha and Madhavan will discuss about Surya. Saradha will say that Meenakshi will definitely try to fix Surya’s marriage again so that she needs to stay close Surya even though he doesn’t like it. In the night Surya will spot Vennila sitting in the campus to motivate Maran, who is practicing running. Surya and Vennila will hesitate
to talk to each other. They will both will talk simultaneously when Maran will fall. They will have a talk. Later While going back to the hostel Vennila will get attacked by some goons.

Did Madhavan send that goons? What will happen with Vennila? Surya will save her?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. Keep watching the show and stay tuned for latest update of your favorite Tamil shows.