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Vijay TV’s newly launched show Kaatrukkenna Veli is gearing up for high voltage drama with police getting doubts on Madhavan and warning him.

In the current track it’s seen that Meenakshi tries to convince Surya that he did right by acting rude with Saradha and he doesn’t need to regret it. She asks him to have the food she cooked. However Surya is regretful and refuses to eat which enrages Meenakshi. The latter comes downstairs and throws the food plate angrily. Family members come out hearing the sound. Meenakshi creates a scene in front of them. Meenakshi phones Mahadevan and asks him to return home immediately, but he refuses which increases Meenakshi’s anger. Meanwhile Sowmiya and Madhavan come to the Police station.

The inspector reprimands Sowmiya for expelling a girl out from the house in the night time. Madhavan intervenes and says that Vennila left the house by her wish. Police asks Sowmiya what exactly happened in the house. Sowmiya tells that she doesn’t know what happened because she and in-laws went for a marriage function, only her husband and Vennila were alone in the house. Vennila wasn’t at home when they returned and Madhavan told Vennila run away after attempting to steal. The inspector gets suspicious of Madhavan. The inspector asks Vennila and Sowmiya to find outside. The inspector tells Madhavan that she can tell with his eyes expression that he’s troubling Vennila and warns him.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Mahadevan will reach Theni. He will go to Saradha’s house in Theni with the hope to find Saradha there. However he will not find Saradha in her house and he will get disappointed.

Where Saradha has gone? Will Mahadevan find Saradha? To get latest updates of your favorite shows, keep checking this space.