Kaatrukkenna Veli
Kaatrukkenna Veli

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Vijay TV’s newly launched show Kaatrukkenna Veli is gearing up for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode with Police finding Vennila and taking her to the Police station and Surya feeling regretting his rude behavior towards Saradha.

In the current track it’s seen that Sowmiya defends Vennila in front of Madhavan and his parents. Sowmiya requests them to let Vennila stay here for a night. However Sowmiya’s mother-in-law threatens to call the police, if Sowmiya brings Vennila home. Meanwhile two men approch Vennila with bad intentions. However they run away on seeing police. The lady inspector enquires Vennila. Vennila tells that she was expelled from her sister’s house. The inspector learns that Vennila is a college student and takes her to the police station. Later the inspector phones Sowmiya and tells that Vennila is at the police station and asks her to come to the Police station. Meenakashi asks Surya to have his favorite dishes cooked by her. Surya recalls scolding Saradha and feels bad. He leaves without having the food. Later on Meenakshi takes the food to Surya’s room. Surya tells Meenakshi that he regrets acting rudely with Saradha and wants to appologizes to her for that. Meenakshi gets shocked hearing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Madhavan and Sowmiya will go to the Police station. The lady inspector will question Madhavan why he expelled Vennila from his house, what Vennila’s mistake is, if Vennila stole anything in his house. Madhavan will look tensed. Vennila will ask Madhavan to answer the inspector.

Will the truth come out? How Sowmiya will react after knowing the truth?

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