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Vijay TV’s newly launched show Kaatrukkenna Veli is gearing up for more drama with Madhavan misbehaving with Vennila and other hand Surya shouting at his mother.

In the current track it’s seen that Mahadevan tries to make Surya understand that Vennila is a good girl and he did very wrong by scolding her. However Surya, who is blinded by his anger, refuses to see the truth. He says that Vennila badmouthed him behind his back, and she’s trying to interfere in his personal life. He further says that he considers Vennila as his enemy, in fact he will consider everyone sent by Saradha as his enemy. Surya stops Mahadevan when he tries to talk about Saradha and says Saradha is no one for him and he doesn’t need her love. Mahadevan goes to meet Saradha and apologizes to her for not being able to fulfill his promise of bringing Surya to her on his birthday. Saradha recalls the past, the moment she held Surya in her hands and shares it with Mahadevan. Other side Madhavan tries to misbehave with Vennila when Sowmiya and his parents aren’t at home.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Mahadevan will call Surya and he will give the phone to Saradha so that she can speak to her son. Saradha will wish Surya happy birthday and will wish lot of happiness in his life. Surya will get angry and will say that he can’t be happy until she’s there and will ask why she didn’t die for once in the accident. Saradha will get hurt hearing this.

Will Vennila be able to safe herself from Madhavan? When Surya finds out the truth and accepts Saradha?

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