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The last week it was seen that Akriti, Charudatt and Chandru decided to go to Mumbai to see Anubhav. Akriti asked Charu to expel Gungun from the hospital. Chandru said that they can’t do it as they’re indebted to Gungun for saving Anubhav while Charu accepted Akriti’s demand. Akriti phoned Golu. She informed about their arrival. Golu told the same to Gungun and worried that Akriti would create problems for Gungun. But Gungun decided to not leave her rights on Anubhav at the same time to not snatch Akriti’s rights on him.

In the hospital Akriti said her name when the nurse asked for Anubhav’s wife name. Akriti insulted Gungun. She demanded Gungun to leave the hospital. She warned to throw her out of the hospital. Yet Gungun refused to leave. She answered aptly to Akriti’s insults. Charu supported Akriti and asked Gungun to leave. Gungun agreed to leave the hospital since she didn’t want to cause any trouble to Anubhav’s family, but refused to leave Mumbai till Anubhav gets well.

Meanwhile Goli confronted Garima about supporting Gungun and Anubhav. Garima said that both Akriti and Gungun were her daughters, but Gungun and Anubhav were right so she was supporting them. She then clarified that Anubhav, who wanted Gungun to accompany him to Mumbai, so they should stop blaming Gungun. She then added that they would soon realize that Gungun and Anubhav are destined. Sargam said that it will never happen.

A nurse told Gungun about visiting a temple which is located on the top of the mountains for Anubhav’s recovery. Anubhav got operated and his condition ddeteriorated Meanwhile Gungun reached the temple on foot. Her foot started but she ignored it. Gungun prayed to God for Anubhav’s recovery.

Golu phoned Gungun and updated her about Anubhav’s critical condition. Gungun assured Golu that nothing can happen to Anubhav. She said that she was arriving with holy flowers which would help Anubhav to recover. Akriti questioned Golu with whom he was on the call. Golu taunted Akriti and praised Gungun which enraged Akriti. Later family got worried when doctor told them that they couldn’t get O negative blood for Anubhav.
Golu and his gandg tried to get the blood from a nearby blood bank. They got disheartened when they learned that O negative wasn’t available. Ankit called Gungun and told her about this hoping she would ind any solution. Gungun said that her blood was O negative, so she woulg give blood to Anubhav.

Akriti stopped Gungun from giving blood to her husband. She argued with Gungun over the same and got determined to let her give blood to Anubhav. But Gungun donated blood to Anubhav despite Akriti’s attempt. Gungun got weaker after donating blood and fainted. Meanwhile Anubhav’s operation was successful. Doctor announced the same to the kulshreshths and gave the credit to Gungun. Charu got angry on hearing this. He denied it and said that Anubhav got saved only because of Akriti’s prayer.

After gaining her consciousness Gungun asked Golu about Anubhav and got happy knowing he was fine. Gungun wished to see Anubhav from far as his family wouldn’t like her to approach him. She said to Golu and his hang that Anubhav loves his family, she didn’t want to snatch his family from him, so she would leave Anubhav. Meanwhile Anubhav gained his consciousness. He requested the nurse to call Gungun. On knowing this Charu got angry and said that Anubhav must have called Akriti to see, but he got confused with Akriti and Gungun’s name due to medicine’s effects.

Charudatt and Akriti met Anubhav. Charudatt said to Anubhav that Akriti saved his life with her prayers. Akriti asked how he was. Anubhav ignored her question and said that he was sleeping. Golu brought Gungun to make her meet Anubhav. Charudatt stopped them. Gungun begged Akriti when the latter refused to allow her to meet Anubhav and asked her to leave. On hearing this Anubhav himself comed to Gungun to see her without worrying about his stitches. He said that Gungun wouldn’t go anywhere. He said to Akriti to allow Gungun to meet him if she wanted him to be alive. Charudatt said to Akriti to be patience and promised to fix everything.

Gungun apologized to Anubhav for fighting with him on the day where he got kidnapped. Anubhav thanked Gungun for saving him risking her life. Gungun hinted that she had to leave him for his family’s sake. Anubhav said that he would die if she left him. Meanwhile Charudatt was furious with Anubhav’s act and he scolded his family for answering him back supporting Anubhav and Gungun.

Akriti insulted Gungun and she gave her an apt reply. Akriti slaps Gungun out of rage. Gungun said that her action was the result of the hatred spreaded inside Akriti. Golu asked how Akriti dared to slap Gungun. Charudatt said Gungun deserved this to snatch other’s husband.

Charudatt asked Gungun to not come again to meet Anubhav else he would stop eating or drinking anything. Golu wanted to accompany Gungun as she doesn’t know anyone in Mumbai, but Charudatt warned Golu to not go after Gungun. The latter firmly said that she wouldn’t leave Mumbai till Anubhav would completely recover.

Akriti said her to get lost and warned her to not come back to meet Anubhav again. She said that she would talk to the hospital management and ban her entry. Gungun advised Akriti to focus on her husband and try to be a good wife and good human being before leaving. The autoricshaw driver, Prakash, took Gungun to his house. Gungun felt happy to find new relation in the new city. Meanwhile Anubhav missed Gungun and craved to meet her.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Anubhav will refuse to have any medicine. The nurse will say that he will get infection if he doesn’t take antibiotics. Anubhav will stiff refuse. He will threaten to leave the hospital and go to any place which they won’t be able to find. Akriti will ask the hospital management to ban Gungun’s entry. Prakash will suggest Gungun to meet Anubhav in disguise.

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