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The episode starts with doctor checking Gungun and finding her BP too high. Gungun says that it’s because of stress in her work. Gungun also says that she often gets headache problem and blurry vision. Doctor says that her symptoms can be reason for any serious illness. She advises her to take few medical tests to finds it out. Gungun says that she will take them the next day as she has to go home now.

At the kulshreshths Charudatt is angry that Gungun didn’t return home yet, neither she’s answering the call. Anubhav says that she isn’t answering the calls deliberately. Just then Gungun phones Charudatt. The latter rebukes Gungun for not giving time for her husband and her family due to her work. Gungun says that she will reach him home late as she has some work. She hangs the call.

Gungun visits Garima. The latter gets elated to see her. She asks Gungun why she has come here, she should be at home for her wedding anniversary. Gungun says that she has come to take her blessings. Garima blesses her. Gungun tells her that she got nominated for World Press award. Garima gets happy for her. Garima asks if she is giving time for her husband and family.

She says that a woman gets complete when she fulfills her wife, daughter-in-law and mother duties. She asks why she didn’t come with Anubhav. Gungun says that he had some work, so he went home directly. Garima says that she should also go home, they must be wait her. Gungun asks if she will feel sad if she has any dangerous illness. Garima asks Gungun to not speak negatively on her wedding anniversary.

Gungun is on the car. She makes a video call to Armaan. The latter wishes her a happy anniversary and congrats her for the award nomination. Gungun bursts into tears. She apologizes to him and says that she didn’t want to call him and cry, but her heart is heavy and no one is here with whom she can share her problems. She asks why he left US. Armaan says that he wouldn’t be able to hide many things if he was there. Gungun says that he wanted to hide he likes her. She cries and shares with Armaan about what doctor told her. Armaan asks her to hang the call. Gungun is confused and obliges. Armaan phones his P. A and asks to cancel all his appointments as he is going somewhere.

Gungun returns home. Charudatt asks Gungun why she had to visit doctor today. Gungun says that she got appointment today. She asks about Anubhav. Family says that Anubhav is in his room, he left refusing to wait for the cake cutting. Gungun comes to the room and knocks the door asking Anubhav to open it. Anubhav opens the door. He walks out taking a pillow to sleep in another room.

Gungun asks him to sleep in their room and promises to not disturb him. Anubhav says that she already disturbed him a lot. Gungun says that she has to do some medical tests the next day. Anubhav asks why she’s is telling her and taunts her. Gungun says that it’s serious. Anubhav says that he’s also serious. He refuses to accompany her saying that he’s busy. He says that he isn’t happy at all and leaves. Gungun gets sad.

The morning Sargam and Sunanda request Gungun to have food. Gungun says that she’s getting late, she will eat with them the next day as she took off. Sargam criticizes Gungun for disobeying elders and failing to fulfill her duties towards the family. She asks why she took off the next day when the fast is today. Gungun argues with Sargam.

Charudatt says that she’s becoming egocentric because she earns money. Charudatt asks Gungun to have food as it’s served on the plate and they don’t like to waste food. Gungun says that she has to give her blood test so she has to go empty stomach. Family gets worried and asks why she didn’t tell her before. Gungun says that they didn’t tell her explain and started to rebuke. She says that they started getting annoyed with her. She says that she’s also disturbed, she can’t take it anymore. She leaves from there.

Gungun gives her blood test in the hospital. She asks doctor why he took her MRI. Doctor says that she will once her reports will come. Gungun comes to the office. Gungun’s PA reminds her that it’s time for her meeting. She finds that Gungun isn’t well and asks if she can bring tea and sandwich for her. Gungun says that she’s fasting. Her PA says that she shouldn’t fast as she’s not well and she won’t be able to eat medicines. Gungun says that she has to fast as her whole family is fasting and it won’t look nice if she doesn’t fast. She asks to give her 15 minutes to get ready for the meeting.

Armaan phones Gungun’s doctor. He introduces himself as Gungun’s doctor and enquires about Gungun’s health. Doctor says that it seems a serious issue, but she can give more details after getting the reports. Armaan asks to call him as soon as she gets reports and says that he is coming India the next day.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anubhav meets Akriti. Akriti gives the description of what type of girl he wanted to marry. Gungun comes to the doctor and asks about her reports. Doctor says that she has tumor on her brain shocking Gungun.

The episode starts with Gungun asking Anubhav if he isn’t happy in this marriage. Anubhav says that he isn’t happy because he wants child. Gungun says that they have already argued about this many times. She says that she doesn’t have time to handle the baby. She says that she doesn’t want to waste her two years hardwork. She doesn’t want to become an housewife. She gets a call and gets ready to leave.

Anubhav says that she forgot about that day. Gungun says that she remembers, so she is shuffling her meeting so that she could return home early. Anubhav asks her to not do any favor on him, maybe he won’t be available evening. She says that it’s up to him. She asks to not talk about it the baby topic again and asks him to adopt a baby. Anubhav says that he wants their own baby. She says that it’s not possible now and leaves.

Family asks Gungun to have breakfast. Gungun says that she’s getting late. Chandru says that she should take off that day since it’s a special day. He thinks that maybe she forgot it. Gungun says that she remembers that today it’s their anniversary.

Charudatt asks Gungun to come home early evening. He says that he and Chandru also worked, but always gave time for their family. Gungun says that there’s difference between their work and hers. They worked in government office while she’s working in a corporative sector. Charudatt adivises Gungun to give time for her husband and family. Gungun just received a call and gets overjoyed. Gungun tells the family that she got nominated for the world Press award. She takes the elders blessings.

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