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The episode starts with Kaamini insults Chandru saying he is the biggest enemy of music. She asks don’t he feel ashamed of himself for calling him as a singer. Goli warns Kaamini and Sunanda also warns Kaamini. Kaamini calls the Kulshreshth’s as talentless. Charu asks Sunanda and Goli to calm down saying Maya will take their side and support them. Sarvar asks Kaamini to let’s ignore and enjoy this as a circus. Garima scolds Sarvar. Kaamini tells it’s the Kulshreshth’s who is insulting themselves. She asks Maya is they are the cultured family like how Ridesh called them. Maya accuses the Kulshreshth’s saying that because of them she has to go through this insult. Garima defends the Kulshreshth’s but Maya calls them as illiterate people.

Anubhav asks Maya who gave her and her friends rights to insult his family. Maya tells that she thought Chandru is really a good singer but Chandru should have known this. Chandru tells Anubhav that it’s his mistake. Charu scolds Chandru. Maya tells that they should have thought about her reputation. She then calls them a third class people. Gungun shouts mom. Maya asks her to not to defend her in laws atleast once and think about this family which is a circus.

Sunanda asks Maya to calm down and let this matter go and apologises to her. Maya insults her saying that what she has to do with her apology. Anubhav tells that Maya is never a hardworking person so she doesn’t know anything when Maya makes fun of Sunanda’s apology. Maya asks Anubhav to not to play the middle class family card. She says that they have respect and social status and they don’t have anything such. She then points at Sunanda and tells her life is in the kitchen only. She further says Sargam and Divya is in the kitchen cooking food that’s their life.

Akruti asks Maya to shut up saying she is crossing her limits but Maya shuts her up saying its between two in law’s which she shouldn’t interfere. Anubhav asks Maya who is she to insult Sunanda. Charu asks Anubhav to let this go and says they had went through a lot so lets go to the house. Kaamini asks Maya how she is tolerating such people. She asks is she really think that after this she want Gungun to live a middle class aunt’s life. Gungun asks Kaamini to pronounce her properly first then worry about her future. She also asks her to get out of the party.

Maya tells Gungun that she is insulting her friends. Gungun tells that she was insulting the Kulshreshth’s all this while what is that. Garima agrees with Gungun and tells that Maya is choosing people’s bank balance and respecting them according to that. Maya insists Garima saying that she shouldn’t say this because she left her daughter to live a lavish life and points at Akruti saying she is her daughter. Kaamini mocks Garima by asking is she the one Maya talked about a selfish mother who abandoned her daughter. Maya says yes she is.

Gungun asks Maya to stop this and tells how dare she blame Garima and tells that she is a selfish mother who left her to achieve her dreams. Maya defends saying she did all this for her bright future and insults the Kulshreshth’s and asks Gungun to reconsider her decision or else she will go through so many embarrassing moments because of the Kulshreshth’s. Gungun tells that she is talking like a Dr.Maya and she thought she has changed for real. Maya tells that her sweet behavior towards the Kulshreshth’s is indeed her act only shocking Gungun and the Kulshreshth’s.

Maya tells Gungun that she may acted towards the Kulshreshth’s but her love for her is real. She also says that what she told today is from the first day itself but she remained silent only for Gungun and when it comes to her self respect she has to express it that’s what she did. She then tells the guests that they must be thinking why she chose this Kulshreshth’s as her in law’s if she dont like them and tells its Ridesh who chose this. Maya tells that Gungun wass forced in this marriage too.

Gungun pleads her to stop it. Maya asks her to prove Gungun that she is her daughter by telling everyone that she is forced in this marriage and brings a mic to Gungun. Gungun confesses its Ridesh who chose this family for her and she isn’t interested in this marriage but before she could complete Maya takes the mic away from her and says that now they got to know the truth. She also tells Ridesh is not here it’s because he don’t want to face this all and hide himself. Goli accuses Ridesh but Golu defends him.

Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s that she dont want to do this all to them but she has to when it comes to her reputation. She also tells that Gungun is not happy but Gungun says that she is happy. Maya tells that Gungun is an illusion nothing else. She also tells that the Kulshreshth’s are greedy about their rich life that’s why they took advantage of Ridesh’s innocence. Charu tells Maya that this is her culture call the guests and insults them. Chandru tells they may not have money but they have respect which she ruined it. Charu cries and says that it’s better that he die than to watch all this.

Maya mocks him and asks him to die which angers Chandru who asks Maya how dare she say such thing about his brother and starts coughing. Everyone gets worried. Maya taunts Chandru saying that he is a good actor. Akruti asks Maya to not to cross her limits and tells that she is not even should consider as a doctor. Goli tells she is not even a human and Maya asks her to shut up. Anubhav tells they are keeping their mouth shut only or else. Maya interrupts and challenges him what he and his family can do.

Anubhav about to reveal the marriage alliance bring to them by Ridesh not the other way around but Charu stops him. The family members asks Charu to let reveal the truth but Charu stops them all and says to Maya that she failed to respect her guest but they know how to give respect. Maya ignores his words and mocks him by asking the Kulshreshth’s to eat food then leave saying they may not get chance to experience this food again shocking Gungun and the Kulshreshth’s.

Precap: Gungun follows Maya and tells her that she played with her feelings and tells her that she will give her one chance and asks her to apologise to the Kulshreshth’s to rectify her mistake. Maya asks Gungun to come out of the bubble and tells that she should thank her for making her realise the reality of Kulshreshth’s. Gungun shouts at Maya shut up.

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