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The episode starts with Maya insults the Kulshreshth’s by asking them to have food because they may never able to have this type of food and leaves the place. Gungun follows Maya asking her to stop. Anubhav also follows Maya but Akruti stops him and asks where is he going. She tells that Maya Maya insulting his family and why he is keeping his mouth shut. Anubhav tells that he should have but Charu stopped him. Akruti tells that Maya kind of people judging people with the clothes brand. But he is an intelligent person. If he remains silent then this is what they have to endure this.

This is not about his family’s social status but also about his family’s values which get insulted by Maya. If he dont take a stand for himself and his family then each and every word of Maya will be considered as truth so he needs to speak up. She also accuses Anubhav that because of him only his family is going through all this. Anubhav looks at Akruti angrily. She says a proverb and tells that he agreed to marry someone like Gungun and family like this and that’s lead to face this day. If he keeps remain silent then his family will face more humiliation. Anubhav decides to leave but Akruti stops him and asks him to calm down then gives a glass of water and Anubhav drinks it and leaves the place.

Akruti smells the glass and realises its an alcohol and gets shocked. Gungun stops Maya and tells that she insulted her in law’s to satisfy her ego. She pleads her to apologise to the Kulshreshth’s but Maya asks Gungun to come out of her bubble and thank her for showing their class. Gungun calls Ridesh saying he will be the one who able to handle this situation. Ridesh comes there and asks the Kulshreshth’s to come and have food then he senses that everyone looks upset so he asks the reason. Chandru tells whatever happened shocking everyone.

Anubhav accuses Ridesh. Ridesh scolds Maya. Maya again insults the Kulshreshth’s that lead Anubhav to ask her to shut up or else he won’t spare her. Maya asks them to leave the place. Kulshreshth’s gets shocked seeing Anubhav’s behavior but Akruti tells them that Anubhav had alcohol. Golu and other’s takes Anubhav to side.

Charu tells Ridesh they have had enough now he can’t able to go through any of this anymore so they are leaving now and asks his family members to come with him. Goli pleads Charu to let her speak then she will make sure Maya leaves abroad the next minute the truth comes out. Sargam also pleads with Charu but he stops both of them and decides to leave. Maya stops them and asks them to tell what the truth they are talking about.

She then mocks them saying they have nothing else to say that’s why they are just creating a drama. She then tells that she has a story about Golu who is a pathetic story teller. She says that Golu was supposed to be in a prison for stealing money from the bank and calls him their. Golu cries and tells that he is not a thief. Maya smiles and says that even she is not saying he is a thief but he sure not concentrated on his work that’s why he left the locker door open that lead everything. Maya elaborates the story of Golu was accused so the family members decides to collect ninety lakhs but they failed to arrange it.

Kaamini mocks at the Kulshreshth’s by asking Maya is she sure they needed to arrange rupees not dollars. Maya tells Kaamini that she is sure its rupees and asks her to hear the rest of the story and tells that when they failed to arrange money they asked Ridesh’s help. Anubhav says that they hide it from Ridesh but he learnt and decided to help so asks her not to frame them like this. Golu tells but before Ridesh could help the real thief get caught. Maya tells that Gungun is the one who told this shocking Anubhav.

Gungun comes there and gets relieved seeing Ridesh. She asks Ridesh to tell Maya to apologise to her family the Kulshreshth’s. Maya tells that she don’t have to apologises to the Kulshreshth’s for showing their status. Gungun accuses Maya for using everything that she told her for to satisfy her own ego which is not right. Maya tells that Golu may not be a thief but they can’t say the same about Charu shocking everyone. She asks Charu to take what he has in his pocket.

Charu takes the spoon which he praised earlier. He tells it’s not him who stole this. Maya mocks at him by calling him magician. She tells that she saw Charu stealing this spoon and recalls how she put it inside Charu’s suit without his knowledge. She then insults Chavi for trying to match up with Gungun that’s why she bought the dress from Gungun to wear it in the party. Gungun asks Maya to stop it and tells that its her who gifted the dress to Chavi but Maya tells it’s her who paid for that dress also for Anubhav’s suit. Anubhav gets shocked and looks at Gungun. Charu decides to leave but Gungun pleads him to not to and apologises to them for Maya’s behavior.

Ridesh asks Maya to stop her nonsense and raises his hand at Maya to slap but Maya holds his hand and asks how dare he raise his hand on her and pushes him away and the latter falls on Charu and Charu misses his balance and falls down. Gungun and everyone gets shocked and hurries towards Charu. Gungun accidentally spills the drinks on him.

Everyone gets shocked. With the help of his family members Charu stands up. Anubhav apologises to Charu for going against his words and goes to Maya and tells her that he has never seen someone change their true colors even chameleon fails to compete with her after seeing her true colors. He then reminds her its her who comes to their house and apologised to them also pleaded them to let her arrange this party not the other way around. He also mocks at Kaamini and Sarvar andtells that they may not have money like them but they have values which they lack of.

Maya questions him which values he is talking about to which Anubhav Anubhav tells the one is stopping him from humiliating her further by revealing the truth. He also tells they are poor but they will never go to bed with a empty stomach which leads Maya to mock at him . He further says that the moment they lay on the bed they fall asleep unlike them who have tablets to go to bed. He then tells here the mother won’t leave her child to go and achieve her dream shocking Maya and everyone.

Precap: Anubhav tells that the alliance was brought up to them by Ridesh not the other way around. Maya tells that true face of Anubhav is revealed before marriage. Anubhav tells it’s not his true face but daddy’s princess Gungun’s. He then tells Ridesh that he is never happy in this marriage arrangements but he agreed for the sake of his family. He then tells that he is cancelling this wedding now for his family shocking Ridesh and Gungun.

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