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The episode starts with Gungun cries saying that she won’t let him leave her alone so she is also going to join him. Golu and gang stops Gungun. Yug tells Gungun that they all are with her also remind her about the promise he made to her. Anubhav asks the cab driver to drive fast. Gungun looks at the fire which is lighter up and asks how she is going to live her life. Golu says that they have to live with the fact that one day their loved one’s will leave them forever.

Later the priest asks Gungun to perform the last ritual. Golu advices Gungun to not to go deep inside the water and asks Yug to follow her. Yug obliges. Golu receives a call. The priest calls Yug so he leaves Gungun. Anubhav comes there and asks Golu where is Gungun. Golu tells Anubhav that she went to perform the last rites of her father. Yug comes there and asks Anubhav how could he do this. Ankit tells that he ruined two women life.

Anubhav gets confused and asks what they are saying meanwhile Gungun goes inside the water and drowns herself fully inside the water. Golu scolds Anubhav asking do he even understand what kind of mistake he done. Is he think that they won’t get to know what he did. Yug asks what will happen if Akriti learns the truth. Anubhav tells Golu and gang that Akriti learnt the truth and created a scene. They all gets shocked. Yug asks is that mean the family members knows. Anubhav says yes but he handled the situation.

The people present there notices Gungun is nowhere to be found. They all starts calling Gungun’s name. Anubhav asks Golu and gang to help him. Yug asks what he is expecting for them to do for him. Anubhav asks them to take care of Gungun as she is unstable now. He is the one who created the problem so he will find a solution. The people there realises Gungun drowned herself so they starts calling for help.

Anubhav and Golu gang hears people are screaming and wonders for what reason. Golu asks Yug that he asked him to be with Gungun right then why he left her side. Yug tells that the priest called him. They all realises it has to be Gungun so runs towards the water. They all sees a shawl floating on the water and gets shocked. They calls Gungun’s name.

Anubhav follows them and gets shocked. Garima comes there and asks one of the men why there is so much noise to which the men says a girl who came here to perform the last rites of her father drowned herself in the water shocking Garima. Garima runs towards the water.

Anubhav jumps in the water and starts searching for her. Garima comes there and screams Gungun’s name. Golu tells Garima that Gungun kept repeating that she dont want to live but he didn’t think that she will do such thing. They all cries. Golu asks Yug and Ankit to call the doctors and ambulance. They both obliges. Anubhav finds Gungun and brings her out of the water. He puts her in the ground and starts doing the first aid but Gungun doesn’t open her eyes making everyone worry.

Garima cries and tells if anything happens to Gungun then she will also not live and looks at the sky asks Ridesh why he took Gungun with him and it’s not fair. Anubhav gets furious so scolds Garima. He tells that they need to give immediate medical attention to Gungun. Ankit comes there and says that the doctor and team left.

Anubhav says that they can’t wait till the ambulance arrive so asks Ankit that he bought his car with him right. Ankit says yes so Anubhav decides to take Gungun to hospital in that car. Anubhav asks an unconscious Gungun is she don’t believe in the promise he made to her. Is that the reason why she done such thing and tries to wake her up by doing first aid.

Gungun slowly opens her eyes. Everyone gets relived. Golu and Garima expresses their worries. Ankit tells Gungun that they have to fight all the odd against this world to survive not to end their life just like that. Anubhav asks Gungun why she did such thing. He made her a promise right. He further asks Gungun to never repeat and says that Gungun is a strong one not a weak person. Gungun stares at him.

Anubhav demands Gungun to not to repeat this ever and holds her hand. He then takes her to the car and puts her inside and says that he will also go with Gungun and Garima. Garima thanks Golu and gang. Golu praises Ridesh and tells whatever happened and the help they get is through Anubhav only and they did nothing. Gungun stares at Anubhav.

Anubhav tells Golu and gang tell the family members that he will return once Gungun become stable. They all agrees. Garima thinks that Akriti unnecessarily come between Anubhav and Gungun and she wishes its Anubhav who fills Gungun’s hairline with vermilion. In Kulshreshth’s house Charu talks about the first day cooking ritual of Akriti.

Sunanda and Sargam scolds their husbands for being impatient. Akriti serves sweet to everyone. Charu and everyone praises Akriri. Sunanda asks Charu to give gift to Akriti as a part of ritual but Charu says that he will finish the sweet first. Sunanda makes fun of him. Charu asks Akriti about Anubhav’s whereabouts. Akriti tells that Anubhav went to take part in Ridesh’s last rites.

Everyone gets shocked. They all says it’s not necessary for Anubhav to leave his first night and go to attend Ridesh’s last rites. Akriti acts like crying so Sargam and other Kulshreshth’s women pacifies her..Charu tells that he wont let Anubhav keep insulting his wife and family like this and he is going to teach him a lesson and warns his family members to not to defend Anubhav. Akriti smirks and thinks that Anubhav’s family will fight her battle.

Golu and gang comes to the house. They tells that Gungun tries to commit suicide by drowning herself in the water but Anubhav saved her which shocks the family members. They asks about Gungun’s well being. Golu says that Anubhav and Garima took Gungun to her house. Akriti looks on angry.

Precap: Charu makes a promise to a crying Akriti. Akriti thinks that herafter the Kulshreshth’s will help her get what she wants without even she try something.

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