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The episode starts with Gungun meeting the seniors to seek their help to find Anubhav. They taunt Gungun. One man says that after the seminar they don’t know where he has gone and with whom. Another says that Anubhav lost the respect they had on him. Gungun scolds them for taunting Anubhav instead of helping to find Anubhav, who is their guest. The man taunts Anubhav again and says to go to the police. Gungun says that police is doing their work and adda that she will tell the media that they don’t value Anubhav, who is a great scientist. Gungun leaves

Gungun sees some students watching Anubhav’s seminar and praising him. She thinks of taking their help. She introduces to that students as Anubhav’s wife. She tells them about Anubhav’s kidnapping and seeks their help. She explains them everything by showing the threat note she received. Other side the Boby says to Anubhav’s that Gungun is getting stubborn and not leaving the city. He threatens to kill her.

Anubhav warns him to not harm Gungun. He asks from where they got these photos, if they’re spying her. Boby admits yes. He says that they leave Gungun if he leaves his stubbornness. Anubhav asks for some time to think and asks what about Gungun. Boby assures that they won’t harm Gungun till that.

In the institution Gungun says that the seniors refused to help Anubhav, who rejected all foreign job offers to serve in India. She says that she’s struggling alone to find him in this unknown city and asks if they will help her. The students agrees to help Gungun. Ravi says that they have to take this matter to media. Riya says that this will force the institution people to help them. Ravi says that they know media people and can arrange for a press conference by evening. Gungun requests them to do the same.

Akriti shares with Shankar what happened and hugs cry him. Shankar scolds Garima and blames her for ruining Akriti’s life by hiding Gungun and Anubhav’s relation and supporting them. Akriti scolds Garima. The latter says that she doesn’t regret her act since she hasn’t accepted Akriti and Anubhav’s marriage and will never accept it because Anubhav supposed to marry Gungun and also Anubhav filled Gungun’s forehead with vermilion before marrying Akriti. She further says that she accepted Gungun and Anubhav’s marriage and Akriti came between Gungun and Anubhav and not the opposite. Garima saya that Gungun isn’t selfish like Akriti, so she was able to make place in his heart and she’s certain that Gungun won’t let anything happen to Anubhav until she’s in his life.

Gungun addresses to the media and tells about Anubhav’s kidnapping and shows the threat letters sent by the terrorists. The reporters ask why she didn’t left the city after receiving the threat note to which Gungun says that Anubhav is his life, so she has to fight with the death for life. The report praises Gungun’s courage. The reporter asked when she saw her last.

Gungun says that she saw him four days before when he came to talk her after their fight. She regrets not talking to her. The reporter asks why she came to media. Gungun says firmly that she will keep searching Anubhav until she finds. She then addresses ti the terrorists who sent the letter and says that she is ready to die, but she won’t return without her husband.

The head of the terrorist gang shows Gungun’s interview to Anubhav and threatens to kill Gungun. He asks what he has decided. Anubhav puts forth a condition that he wants to talk to Gungun and assures them that they won’t tell her about them. He will just tell her to stop looking for him and return. He assures them that he will do what they will say after talking to Gungun. The head agrees and clarifies that his location can’t be find with this call. Anubhav says that he is aware that they’re using untraceable phone.

Gungun is on the way in the taxi. Anubhav contacts Gungun. The latter gets emotional on hearing his voice. She gets out of the taxi She shouts at Anubhav for leaving her and expresses her pain. She aska him where he is. Anubhav refuses to tell and says that je doesn’t want to keep any relationship with her and asks her to leave the city. Gungun says that her Gungun can never talk like this.

Anubhav says that she failed to understand him in that case. Gungun says that she will believe this if he tells looking straight into her eyes. Anubhav says to stop arguing and leave the city. Gungun refuses and demands to meet him. She requests him to tell where he is. Anubhav repeats again to leave the city. She asks if he is angry with her or if he was really kidnapped. She says that she will accept what he says when he will tell her the same face to face.

Boby snatches the phone from Anubhav and says that she is more stubborn than him. On seeing Gungun’s stubborn Anubhav decides to not give up. Gungun realises that Anubhav is in Mumbai and decides to give this number to police so that they can trace it. Other side terrorist decide to treat Anubhav as a prisoner.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akriti says that Anubhav getting kidnapped is Gungun and Anubhav’s plan to spend more time in Mumbai. Terrorist torture Anubhav. Gungun meets higher officer and seeks his help to find Anubhav.

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