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The episode starts with Charu asking Yug why he wants to go to Mumbai to which Yug replies to find Anubhav. Akriti says that Anubhav isn’t missing and accuses Yug of hiding Anubhav’s whereabouts from the family despite knowing it. Yug says there’s no remedy for her doubts. Charu says that she has a reason for doubting. Yug says that it doesn’t mean she will doubt everyone.

Akriti says that Anubhav hasn’t been kidnapped and accuses Gungun and Anubhav of faking his kidnapping to spend few more days in Mumbai. Ankit asks what if Gungun is right and Anubhav is really kidnapped and something happens to him which they may regret later. Charu agrees for them to go to Mumbai.

Anubhav prays to God to protect Gungun. Other side Gungun reaches commissioner office. The guard refuses to let her in without appointment. Gungun tries to make him understand that she needs his help, but the gaurd refuses to listen, so she goes in despite the gaurd trying to stop her. Gungun meets the commissioner and says that she is in a big problem.

The commissioner says to register a complaint in a local police station. Gungun says that it has been three days that she did it but police hasn’t done anything. The commissioner says her to have patience. Gungun says that her husband has been kidnapped by terrorists and pleads with him to help her. The commissioner says her to come to his cabin to talk.

The chief learns that Gungun met the commissioner. Here Gungun says to the commissioner about the threat letter sent by the terrorists and shows it to him. The commissioner phones the inspector, who is handling this case. He scolds him for not doing anything and orders to launch the search operation to find Anubhav.

The commissioner assures Gungun that he will personally handle this case. Gungun thanks him. He says that as they threatened her it’s not safe for her to roam around alone. He says her to be alert. He gives his number to contact in problem. He says that Anubhav is lucky to get her as his wife. Gungun says that she’s only doing a wife’s duty. The commissioner offers to drop her. Gungun denies, but he insists as it’s not safe for her to go alone.

The goon sees Gungun with the commissioner and informs the chief that the case is gone in the commissioner’s hand The chief says that it’s dangerous for their mission so he orders to kill Gungun the next morning. Gungun sees the goon and says that he was in the can with her and he is here now. He must be following her. The commissioner orders police officer to arrest him.

Anubhav wakes up startled shouting Gungun after dreaming of the chief shooting Gungun. Anubhav says that he won’t be able to forgive himself if anything happens to Gungun because of him. He gets in dilemma whether to choose Gungun or the country. He feels sorry for putting Gungun’s life in danger because of him. Other side Gungun wonders why Anubhav said like that in the phone call. She says that she will leave him if he wants, but after finding him and handing him safe and sound to his family.

Golu says to Yug and Ankit that Anubhav called Gungun and asked her again and again to go to Lucknow. They wondered why he said like this. Golu notices the news about Anubhav’s kidnapping on a newspaper. Other side police is interrogating the goon, who was following Gungun.

The latter says that he must be involved in the terrorist gang, who kidnapped Anubhav. The commissioner says her to not interfere in police investigation. Gungun says sorry. The goon says to the police that if anything happens to him Anubhav won’t return alive. Gungun cries. The commissioner says to the officer to drop her home.

Meanwhile Charu gets shocked reading the newspaper. He calls his family and shows the newspaper to Goli. The latter says that it’s written that the terrorists kidnapped Anubhav. Akriti still doubts Anubhav. Badi Maa scolds her. Dean phones Kulshreshths. Chandru receives it. He cries and asks why they kidnapped Anubhav. Dean says that only they can answer this. She says that she’s a team to Mumbai as they have sent him to Mumbai, so it’s their responsibility to bring him back safe.

Chnadru thanks her and tells the same to the family. Akriti gets stubborn to go to Mumbai. Goli says to wait till they can talk to Golu and his gang. They all regret doubting Anubhav. Sargam blames Akriti for instigating them against Anubhav. She refuses to believe her anymore. Akriti says that the fact is Anubhav cheated her with Gungun. She says to question Gungun, who is responsible for all this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akriti phones Gungun. She taunts Gungun and asks her what she’s doing still in Mumbai. Gungun says that she’s finding her husband. Akriti argues with Gungun saying she’s his wife. Gungun says that unlike her, who is claiming rights sitting at home, she’s trying to find him day and night in an unknown city.

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