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The last week it was seen that Armaan gave a surprise to Gungun. He revealed the magazine’s cover page design which contained Gungun’s picture. Gungun got emotional recalling Anubhav convincing her for the interview and photo shoot.

Gungun then shared with Armaan about her experience during the visit to the fishermen’s locality. She said that she wasn’t able to meet the brave fisherwoman as she was busy finding some Madhav.

In the fishermen locality Anubhav refused to have food. Bina played a game with him. She dragged him out with her to dance at someone’s wedding. At the Kulshreshths Goli and Pradyush got married. Goli bided an emotional adieu to the family. Garima informed the same to Gungun. The latter advised Garima to reconcile with Akriti.

But Garima refused stating that Gungun is her only daughter. Gungun said that she was fine, she could never forget Anubhav, but she was happy in fulfilling his desire.

Armaan shared with Gungun that he wanted to cover story of a brave woman from Mumbai since he used to visit Mumbai with his girlfriend, who used to work in an NGO there. Gungun hallucinated Anubhav sitting next to her and teasing. Armaan noticed this in the rear mirror.

Other hand Bina’s mother, Radha, was discussing about Bina’s marriage with a neighborhood woman. The lady suggested getting Bina married to Anubhav who was matching perfectly to her expectation.

Bina asked Anubhav to be always with her. Anubhav promised her the same and assured Bina’s mother to help Bina in her study. Gungun and Armaan reached the fishermen locality and distributed chocolate and cupcakes to the children. Armaan got a call for an urgent meeting. So Gungun left with him just before Anubhav’s arrival. Thus Anubhav and Gungun failed to see each other.

Gungun visited Radha to cover her and her daughter, Bina, story to inspire other girls. Gungun gave Radha the magazine in the cover page of which her photo was printed. Later Radha told Bina and Anubhav about Gungun wishing to take Bina’s interview.

Anubhav got flashes of his past with Gungun on seeing her picture on the cover page of the magazine. Radha met the head of their locality to discuss about Bina’s marriage. He asked her to get Bina and Anubhav married since the whole locating gossping about their relationship.

Armaan invited Gungun for dinner. Gungun refused. Armaan said that Anubhav wouldn’t happy seeing Gungun sad. Gungun accepted his invitation. Later Gungun learned from Bina that she had found Madhav unconscious while she went for fishing and he lost his memory.

Gungun got emotional on hearing Madhav singing song. She wondered how Madhav voice was similar to Anubhav’s voice. Later she shared about the same to Armaan. The latter said that Gungun must had a misconception.

Armaan took Gungun to a golgappe stall. Golu and Ankit spot them happily talking. They misunderstood that Gungun forgot Anubhav and moved on in her life. They confronted Gungun about the same. They accused her of pretending to love Anubhav for fame. Gungun got hurt with their allegation.

Radha decided to get Bina and Anubhav married. She told Anubhav about his and Bina’s wedding. Anubhav got flashes of his marriage on hearing the word wedding. Sargam and Chandru asked Golu to invite Gungun for the puja they were organizing for Anubhav.

Golu refused stating that he misjudged Gungun, Charudatt and Akriti were right about her. Akriti visited Kulshreshths. She demanded them to give her share in their house shocking the Kulshreshths. She demanded to give her money in the exchange of her share when Charudatt firmly refused to divide the property. Charudatt refused Akriti threatened to bring police.

The next day Akriti returned to Kulshreshths house and got adamant to give her money by the end of the day. She asked Sargam to sign the paper which would permit to take Anubhav’ price money of 10 lakh from the bank and threatened to file a domestic violent case against Sargam.

Charudatt, Chandru, Golu asked Sargam to not sign it. Sargam wanted to sign to save family’s reputation, but Golu tore the paper up. Akriti warned to destroy their family.

Other hand Anubhav and Bina’s pre wedding rituals were going on. Armaan and Gungun came to a jewelry shop to buy a ring for Bina. Gungun got lost in Anubhav’s thought looking at a ring.

Armaan slid a ring on Gungun’s finger using this opportunity shocking Gungun. He said that he just checked the size. He further said that he wants to tell her something that he got back after he losing it.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Armaan will ask Gungun who is Bina’s husband. Gungun will say that she didn’t see him yet. Armaan will ask if Bina saw him and will joke.

Gungun will say that it’s love come arrange marriage, Bina loves him very much. Radha will ask Anubhav to get ready for the marriage. Anubhav will look on tensed.

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