Zeetv popular show Ishq Subhan Allah, is currently witnessing high voltage drama with Kabir safeguarding Zara from the shooter who had tried to kill her.

In Zee TV show Ishq Subhan Allah, at one side Kabir is worrying for Zara’s safety otherside the duo is coming closer to each other.

Kabir informs Zara that the shooter ran away and asked her not to step out from the house. Zara asks him to bring few things from market, Kabir decides to go to meet her. Shahbaz asks Kabir not to break his promise by going at Zara’s house. Kabir tells Shahbaz he promised to stay away from Zara for her safety, Kabir says once Maqboo’s problem will be solved he will separate himself from Zara.

Kabir reaches at Zara’s house.

Kabir has decided to give another chance to their relation thus he is making food to serve to the poor people to get out of the guilt for breaking the oath he has made. Zara is supporting Kabir but Kabir has planned something else too. Zara comes at the kitchen to help him but Kabir asks her to stay away. Oil accidentally falls on Zara’s hand and Kabir rushes to save her. Kabir and Zara shares an eye lock.

Later, Mina asks Kabir to break Zara’s heart, as she loves him a lot.  Otherside, Ayesha gets worried thinking if Kabir stays close to Zara, his love will increase. Shahbaz calls Kabir and asked the reason for making food, Kabir says once he will find who is Maqbool’s boss then he will do what he has planned and ends the call.

So what, is going on in Kabir’s mind and what planned he has made well, for all the answers keep watching Ishq Subhan Allah, mon-fri, 10pm on Zee TV.

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