Kabir is hiding his feelings for Zara because of the promise he made and there Zara is trying to bring out the truth from Kabir that he still loves her.


In ZeeTV show Ishq Subhan Allah as reported earlier after the leap the track is focusing on divorce drama. Zara and Kabir has filed a divorce but duo themselves is not ready to get separated. Zara and Kabir meet each other and recall their past moments. Priest asks to Zara and Kabir, is they really want to end this relationship. Kabir says ‘yes’ and Zara too gets ready for the divorce. Priest agrees and gives them month time saying, as per their marriage papers before divorce the duo have to spend 30 days together. One month of time is given  so that they can rebuild their relation.

Kabir says he can’t spend even one day with Zara under the same roof. Zara gets teary hearing him and wonder why he hates her so much. Earlier he was ready to give his life for her. Kabir also cried but wiped away his tears.

Later Zara asks Kabir as why he hates her. Kabir told her that he already asked her not to go Shaira Board but she didn’t listen to him. He also made her recall his promise which they made on QURAN. Kabir left the place but he ran back to Zara when he saw she was about to faint. He carries her in his arms. Both shared an eye lock. Zara says to herself that Kabir still loves her but hiding his feelings.

Now in the upcoming episodes viewers will witness some more drama with Kabirs’ mother to get ill and demands from him to bring back Zara. Kabir will be in dilemma as he too wants to bring back Zara but he worries for her.

As per the sources, when Zara will learn about the condition of Kabir’s mother she will change her get up and enter the house to see her. How excited you are for this upcoming leave comment.

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