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Show Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for high voltage drama.

In the upcoming episode, Riddhima will meet Kabir. Kabir will yell at Riddhima for kidnapping him. Riddhima will tell to Kabir that he started the game but she will end it. Kabir will then threaten Riddhima that if Vansh will learn about her plans than he will shoot both of them. What truth Riddhima is hiding will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Ishq Mein Marjawan mon-sat on voot select.

Last we reported, Vansh sends Angre to the jungle to find clue so that they can decode 6 hours mystery. Ishani learns about Angre going to the jungle on Vansh’s order and gets angry. She tries to instigate Angre against Vansh. Angre support Vansh over Ishani. Here, Riddhima tries to figure out where Angre is going? Angre refuses to tell Riddhima about Vansh’s plan. He also asks her to stop hurting Vansh. Riddhima tells to Angre indirectly that she is doing everything for Vansh’s sake. Later on, Riddhima alerts Siya about Vyom. Siya asks Riddhima to stop interfering in her life.

Furthermore, Angre reach the place where Kabir is kidnapped. He fails to see him. Meanwhile, Riddhima learns about Kabir’s wound and smartly helps him hiding from Vansh. Vansh suspects Riddhima yet again. Later, Daadi accuses Riddhima for bringing change in Siya’s personality post latter, argues with her. Riddhima tries to defend. Daadi refuses to listen to Riddhima. Vansh and Riddhima both looks at each other.

Elsewhere, Kiara learn black box has some connection with the tattoo on her body.

What more twists and turns will happen in the show, to know more stay tuned with us.