The episode begins with Sonakshi is asking Rohit how much he gets worried for her? Rohit holds her hands and intertwined their fingers. He says I was terrified the way I used to feel scared of losing my hands, I am a surgeon and for a surgeon, his hands are the most important thing. Sonakshi takes his hand and kisses it and also touches his palm with her eyelids as a sign of worshipping it and says your hands are so important as this saves many lives. Rohit gets overwhelmed by her gestures and they get lost in each other when Rohit holds her chin.

Suddenly Rohit hears Rohan is calling out his name and he started to act like he is having some problems in the neck. Rohan and YK are looking for them when Sonakshi and Rohit come forward. YK asked Rohit if he is fine and what is wrong with his neck? Rohit says he slept with Sonakshi in an awkward position and that is why he got a sprain in his neck. YK and Rohan start to giggle after listening to this and Sonakshi signs Rohit shut up. They both sat in the car and while the journey keeps on smiling themselves. Sonakshi says my house has come and asks Rohit if he is Ok? Rohit asks Sonakshi your house came so soon and wants to drop her to her flat but she denies and comes out of the car.

Rohit also comes out of the car and he is not ready to leave her. He keeps on giving excuses like you will stay in her house and will take a shower there. Sonakshi asks him to go back home and take some rest as he is so tired. YK sees all this from behind and smiles naughtily. Rohit gets in car and Sonakshi also bids him goodbye. Tera Ban Jaunga song plays in the background…and Rohit and Sonakshi both are lost in each other’s thoughts.

Sonakshi comes home and her mother welcomes her. Suman says she is very proud of her about what she did for Pooja. Sonakshi says I am like this because my mom raised me with a strong personality. Suman also says to Sonakshi that she still doesn’t like Nishi but Rohit is not that bad. Sonakshi gives awkward to hear this when Pulkit comes and held at that even mom is ready to accept Dr.Rohit.

Rohit is in his house and Veena is giving him an ice bag and hot water massage bag. All the family members are are leg pulling him regarding his stay with Sonakshi. They keep on asking him embarrassing questions and he is smiling and tries to avoid them. Veena asks all of them to come down for breakfast Rohit says he will come down and have breakfast with all of them. All left from his room when Rohit lost in Sonakshi thoughts and is reminding the events of the last night.

Here, Raima starts to respond when Hitesh took Rohit name in front of her. They keep on talking about Rohit and she is responding as well. in a split-screen, they have projected Rohit and Sonakshi and feeling for each other while Raima is staying in between them. Sonakshi’s preparing for the immersion of Ganapati in her house.

She notices Rohan is calling and finds it ought but then didn’t pay any attention to it. She asks Pulkit to pack the sweets and not to have them himself. Rohan gets to hear from Pari that they have hired some people from Nasik who are unable to come. Rohit and his family start to discuss on it. Nishi says that she has an idea to play drums today without the drum players.

Precap – Whole Sippy family appears at Sonakshi’s house, Rohit realizes that he is in love with Sonakshi.



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