Episode begins with everyone is freaking out weather news comes out in the paper that Sonakshi is going to get married to doctor Rohit Sippy. Naren slams Veena for arranging the marriage without even asking him. Veena says everyone wants this even Rohit is also happy with this alliance. Naren says I don’t care and he went to talk to Rohit.

One day earlier,  YK is in his room when he heard Pooja is making plans with her male friends. He says why you always make plans with boys in everhard gym making plants with Shalini Deepika etc etc. Pooja says don’t talk like an old fashioned father and be the cool dad you are. He is about to go when he heard Veena is calling Rohit and gives him a parcel.

Rohit is smiling but he is looking very stressed. Veena asks him to open the parcel and it has a letter and a rose from Sonakshi. Veena reads the letter and says she is not here but she is not letting you miss her even for a minute, I am really impressed with her. YK asks Rohit why he is giving such a blunt reaction? Rohit is silent when Veena asks what is the matter? Rohit says Karan the ex-boyfriend of Sonakshi came to the hospital today.

Raima and Sumit are in the sets of KPK and Raima says she doesn’t want Sonakshi to think that she has sacrificed her love and for that she shouldn’t be delayed or called off her wedding with Rohit. she says I have to think about something so that they are compelled to get married to each other. YK says Karan is such a cheap kind of a person, Rohit says the kind of nonsense he was uttering in the hospital, I feel like strangle him on that very spot.

Veena comes and says it is said that girls have to deal with guys like Karan still. At first, they do emotionally exploits people and then is blackmailing them. She says Sonakshi is a part of the family now and her reputation is their priority so Rohit should throw the money on his face and come back. Rohit says I will not give him a penny forget about 10 crore, in fact I will teach him a lesson that his upcoming ten generation will remember. Rohit and YK reached a place where they have to handover the money to Karan. YK says the place is looking creepy, Rohit says search deals get sealed in this kind of place.

Karan comes there with his men and asks for money. Rohit says before that you have to sign with legal papers that from now on you will not bother Sonakshi neither you will leak any fake news about her. Karan says first I need the money, YK gives the bag to them. Karan signs the papers and they are about to leave when Karan sees the notes are fake and he gets angry and brings out his gun. Rohit tries to calm him down but he fires a bullet and it just touched Rohit. He is about to fire again when police comes there and arrests him.

Rohit is in his hospital and is tending his wound and asks everybody not to tell Sonakshi about this. Tulsi says but she will eventually gets to know when she will hug you. Pulkit says but Sonakshi needs to know about it. Suman comes there to check on Rohit and says he is under some bad omen and gets over dramatic. Rohit yes now I understand from where Sonakshi learn all those over dramatic expressions.

Duman laughs at him and says you are pulling my leg? Rohit receives another letter from Sonakshi. He says she must be around and I need to go to pick her up when he gets another call from Sonakshi that she will not be able to come today as the flight got cancelled. Rohit says I am coming to pick you up just send me your location.

He is trying to convince the family members that she must be alone there and missing us when all of them are trying to pull his leg. When suddenly Sonakshi says from behind that she is back. Rohit gets happy and hugs and says where did you go ? I missed you so much.

In the next morning, a person is working when suddenly he gets to hear that some women are talking about Sonakshi is going to get married to a doctor. He behave horribly and rushed to grab a newspaper. He sees Rohit and Sonakshi’s picture and his blood drop falls on Sonakshi.

Precap- Sonakshi and Rohit are being stalked.