The episode begins with Ajit is trying to put some sense in Rohit that she is in love with Sonakshi. Rohit lashes out at him and says what love I don’t love and asked him to get out of his room. Rohit feels sorry for forgetting the birthday of Rama and tries to call her but he calls Sonakshi by mistake. Sonakshi who is unaware of all this happening talk to him in a light-hearted way and says that she is thankful to him for anything on the things for her. She keeps on talking with Rohit suddenly lashes out at her and shouts that he is not interested in during the drama of fake relationship with her and he asks her to stay away from him and hung up the call. Sonakshi gets extremely upset and tears started to roll down from her eyes. She says that how come it is her fault that he forgot the birthday of his girlfriend Raima, she didn’t ask him to do all this for her. She wipes off her tears and says that it is good that he did all this at least I can get to know what is in his mind? Or else I am going to flow with the emotions but now I know what to do. Pulkit comes and calls her outside as Netra mam is calling her.

She pretends to be normal in front of Netra and her mother when Netra man says to her that she will get a call time for tomorrow and she has to shoot with Sumit only. She says she has got enough pressure from channel site because they can’t afford to eliminate both the leads from the show. Netra mam told her that no matter how much witch why we can’t win the battle from destiny and this show is in destiny of Sumit. Sonakshi says yes no matter how much I try I can’t win from the destiny. Sonakshi gets a call from someone and she picks it up.

Rohit goes out of the house when Ajit tries to stop him but he asks him to back off. Veena sees him going out and thinks that he is going to meet Sonakshi. He comes at church to light up the candles but the guard says the doors are closed now. He requests him to open the gate for once as he will take only 2 minutes and it is really important. He doesn’t hear this and Rohit gets angry on him. He gets some flashes of Raima and him coming to this church. When suddenly he realized it is Sonakshi who comes there on the call of Ravi. she says that you told me that I am responsible for this message so I came here to make up for my mistake. She tries to help him get in the church. The guard recognizes as Parvati and says I can’t be your request and he goes to call the father. Father comes and meet them and says that you people came to prepare for now but you should keep the timing in mind. Sonakshi requests him that there is no time to pray to God and it is really important for him. Father understands her words and Rohit noticed how much Sonakshi is trying to help him.

Precap – Sonakshi asks father to do her share of pray for Raima and walks out. Rohit closed his eyes and sees Sonakshi.



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