Episode begins with Rohan comes home and look for Deepa aunty and Tanya. He asks Akash about them who is giving instructions to the catering for food making process. Aakash informs Rohan that Deepa has already left from court as her hearing is ended and she will be meeting Tanya to discuss something important in their last minute shopping. Deepa just entered the house and Rohan went to her and gives clarification about his and Pari relationship. Rohan claims to go there to end all the things that is between him and Pari so that they can move on. Deepa shows him the picture in her phone and says but this footage is speaking some another story Rohan and walks out from there. Rohan went behind her and he grabs the phone and deletes the proofs. He told Deepa that today is a big day for Rohit and Sonakshi so let’s not spoil it and enjoy.

Rohit gets ready in his room in the outfit sent by Sonakshi. He comes in front of the mirror and praises Sonakshi for choosing a beautiful outfit for him. He thinks to click a selfie of him and send it to her. Then he stops and thinks why should I tell her that I am ready? Let her come first with Madhuri Dixit but it will be better if Madhuri mam doesn’t turn up for the event. At least in this way, I will get a penalty kiss from my Sonakshi.

Everyone in both families are getting ready for the event. Suman prays to God to shower Sonakshi life with full of happiness and prosperity. She asks the people to keep the stuff in car with utmost care. Here in Sippy Mansion, all got ready too and Rohit comes down and everyone compliments him. Ajit says to Veena she is looking hot and Rohit says if my mom is so beautiful then I have to be handsome too. Veena gives him a brooch and advised him to be easy and compatible with his wife. She asks him to understand Sonakshi and come what may never let the love goes away from their relationship. Rohit promised her to care and love Sonakshi in a best possible way. He says but I will love you more always cause no one can be like you. Akash comes there and asks Rohit to come with him as Tanya did an accident of one person on the road.

The person is none other than Mahesh who purposely come in front of Tanya’s car so that you can enter the Sippy Mansion easily. Rohit treats him and advises him to take some necessary medicines and if he feels any sort of pain in his head due to injury then he can come to the hospital and he will get his scan done.

Rastogi family arrives at the Sippy mansion and Ajit and Pooja welcomes them in a grand way. Suman calls Rohit handsome and clicks his pictures. Rohit asks why are you clicking pics of mine? Suman says your dress is sponsored by a designer, hence I am taking your photo. Rohit gets restless for Sonakshi and waits for her to arrive whereas Sonakshi is all decked up and in car. She gets stuck in traffic and getting tensed. Mahesh is in room and he vows to stop the engagement anyhow.

Precap – Sonakshi performs on Chennai Ke khet song of Madhuri to fulfill the wish of Rohit. She is in Rohit’s room when the lights went off and think Rohit did it for that Penalty kiss. She said after the kiss please turn on the light without knowing that the person standing in front of her is not Rohit but Mahesh.