The episode begins with Sonakshi finds Pari on the streets and she freaks out thinking how come she is here? She asks Pari again and again how come she comes there and who brought her there? Pari is trying to take the name of Rohan but she is too drunk to tell anything. Sonakshi somehow puts Pari in the car and Rohan hides and prays that Pari doesn’t spill the beans in front of her. Rohan comes home and is worried about his image and thinks if somehow Sonakshi gets to know about me and if she informs Rohit then it will be trouble for him.

At the same time, Rohit also comes there and asks Rohan what he is thinking? he seems confused. Rohit says I went to work and I discovered something else there. Rohan says I also went for some other work and something else happened there. Rohit says but my confusion is totally different from you.

What are you getting bothered about? Remember you are married and I hope you are loyal to Tanya. Rohan says Yes I am loyal to Tanya and Rohit agrees for it. Here Sonakshi enters the house with a drunken Pari and Suman loses her cool. Pari starts to be rude and shout at her own mother and says I am not your Sonakshi so don’t try to control my life as you did for Sonakshi.

Suman gets hurt with her accusations when Sonakshi tries to manage Suman. Rohit comes to his room and thinks about the visual he had in the church. He thinks how come I feel in love with Sonakshi? All along with my life, I was in love with Raima, she is the one I always loved all our lives. He closes his eyes, again and again, sees Sonakshi, he thinks again Sonakshi? what is happening to me? Rohit confronts he alter ego who advised him for solutions. Rohit freaks out seeing him and thinks who is he? he says if you don’t accept reality then you will never understand this. He asks Rohit to consult with Sonakshi if he needs as she also does solve many big problems by consulting with her myself.

Rohit says I love Raima only and now falling in love with anyone else is equals to betraying her. His alter ego says there is no fraud or betrayal in it, falling in love with someone else with time in not betrayal but destiny. He says you can’t understand this much thing who made you a doctor? Rohit calls him rude when he says I am a part of yours so I am bound to be rude. He says do you mistaken your guilt of an unsuccessful operation as love for her?

Rohit says I am not confused and I really don’t love Sonakshi. His alter ego says Ok you think of Raima as your soulmate but she is in a coma state but still she is living but you forgot how to be alive? He says let us make it simple for you, You find Sonakshi beautiful? You think she makes you happy and when she leaves you do not like it? Rohit says yes for all. He asks you to worry about her so much? in fact, much more than yourself? Rohit says yes, of course, I do.

His alter ego says, then it is simple that you do love her. Rohit feels amazed to realize that he is in love with Sonakshi and a slight smile appears on his face.

Sonakshi brings coffee for Suman and Suman cries that you are my dear child and so responsible but one day you have to go marrying but then what will happen? I always thought that Pari will take responsibility of this house but she is so casual and irresponsible. Sonakshi says I will marry someone who will understand this fact that my family needs me and I have to look after them. Suman asks and Does Rohit fall in the category? Sonakshi tries to say that we are not involved romantically when Suman told her that your eyes are the proof that you are attached to him emotionally, Suman says if all this is one-sided then stop it now before it breaks you. Sonakshi says you are right mom and I will tell him that you have to drop the act now whereas Rohit decides to confess to Sonakshi that he is in love with her.

In the morning, Nishi leaves for London and a delivery boy comes with a parcel for Rohit and says he ordered it yesterday late at night. Veena sees the parcel and finds out a wristwatch, she understands what her son is desiring and she went to give him the box of watch herself. She says to Rohit that she is happy that he wants to move on now and leave his past behind. She says all these are possible because of Sonakshi. Rohit agrees and says he wants to move on for better in life and says he drops the old watch in the sea somewhere. Veena freaks out that the watch costs 8 lakhs and he drops it like that? Rohit says you can never stop being Sindhi and they both talk with each other. On the other side, Pulkit comes to Sona to talk to Rohit about his internship as the place where he is doing it now is not much fruitful, Sonakshi gets in confusion.

Precap – Raima reacts and recognizes Sonakshi by her name.