Episode starts with senior doctor telling Sonakshi about Suman’s health. He tells Sonakshi about angiography. Doctor says if Rohit have been taken the case than they would have shifted Suman to Sippy hospital.

Sonakshi disagrees and says not to take Rohit’s help it’s her request.

Rohit’s grandmother gets a call from someone. She goes and knocks at Nishi’s room. Nishi thinks its YK and shout at her. Her mother asks to call back YK in her room else his mother will not let her sleep. Nishi says so why told everything to her mother too.

Nishi’s mother ask to sort out her matter with YK.

In the morning Nishi goes to YK and yells at him for telling everything to her mother YK tries to explain but Nishi didn’t let YK to speak and goes away.

Everyone at Sippy mansion sits for the breakfast. Ajit comes and didn’t greet to Rohan. Nishi ask Ajit about the last night party. Ajit tells that he came back at 3:30 Am.

Nishi says he came very early. Ajit ask Nishi after he left till when the drama continued at home. Nishi tells him that Sonakshi and her talks were as she was doing shooting at their house. Venna says she don’t think Sonakshi is lying and she trust her.

Ajit tells them about Vishal. He says Vishal was trying to connect with Rohit for Suman Rastogi after she suffers a cardiac arrest. He tells everyone that he hanged up the call saying Rohit will not attend Suman’s Rastogi’s case. Rohit comes from behind and yells at Ajit for not informing him. He says Suman is patient and it is his duty. He can’t be bias towards any of his patients, as they take oath for that.

Rohit ask Vimmi to ask Hari to take drop him to the hospital immediately. Vishal and other doctor discuss about Suman’s case. Sonakshi wakes up and ask doctor about Suman.

Doctor tells them that her health is worsening. Rohit comes and Vishal greet him. He explains him about Suman’s case. Sonakshi stops Rohit from touching his mother. Doctor says Rohit will cure her mother. Sonakshi says he is only responsible for her condition. Vishal looks blankly at her.

Rohit explains to Sonakshi. He says this is the different between his and her profession. He adds in her profession they emotionally arouse people but in his profession more than a patient life no feeling matters to them. Rohit ask Sona not to interfere in his work. He asks her to let his do his duty.

Pari informs Pulkit about Rohit. Pulkit says now Suman will be fine soon.

Vishal ask Sonakshi to sign on the consent. Pari comes from behind and ask Sonakshi not to sign on the papers and allow Rohit to do angiography. Pulkit ask Sonakshi to sign on the papers.

At Operation Theatre Rohit recalls about the fashion show incident and Sonakshi’s word. He comes out and informs they can take Suman back to home in three days. Pulkit hugs Rohit and thanks him. Rohit ask to Pulkit not to be emotional, as he is going to be doctor soon. He asks him to stop watching TV shows looking at Sonakshi.

Rohit handovers the bill and ask Sonakshi to pay his fee by the evening.

Vishal thanks Rohit for coming. Rohit about to leave and hears Sonakshi, Pulkit and Pari’s talk. Sona explains Sippy’s are not doing anything wrong. If in case Pari was there than they would have taken the same step. She asks them to think positive and says truth never loses and they are saying the truth. She says they don’t have to fear because they didn’t anything. Rohit overhears their talk and goes away.

Venna talks with Nishi and ask her to sort out her problem with YK asap.

Sonakshi, Pari, Pulkit and Netra go to meet Suman. Sona ask Suman to take rest and ask Pari to get ready, as they have to go to the court. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit withdraws the case and says to Sonakshi that he don’t want to trouble Pooja. Rohit makes a plan to trap the duo. Sonakshi suggest Rohit and Dipa an idea.