Episode starts with Sonakshi telling Venna that she got engaged on 26th September. Nurse comes and tells to Venna that Naren is calling her, as they shifted Rohit to the room.

Venna and Sonakshi go. Rohit ask for water. Venna gives him the water. Rohit imagines Raima is standing at Sonakshi place and ask her to come close. He holds Sonakshi’s hand and asks Raima never to leave him alone. Venna, Sonakshi and others stands stunned.

Sonakshi takes away her hand and goes out of the room. Rohan goes behind her and thanks her for taking care of Rohit. He tells her that he has called at her home to ask why she go to Pune. Sonakshi excuses herself.

Sonakshi reaches home. She hears Suman’s voice and goes to check. She sees Suman packing her stuff and ordering Pulkit and Pari too to pack their bags. Suman yells at Sonakshi and says she is leaving home with her children.  Sona ask Suman to listen to her. Suman says she is going.

Sonakshi yells back at Suman and ask her how long she is going to belittle her like this for everything. She asks her if Pari and Pulkit are her kids than who is she? Sona vents out at Suman and explains her how she was with Rohit at Pune. She ordered Pari to keep Suman’s stuff inside, as no one is going anywhere. Sonakshi orders Pulkit to take care of Suman and goes inside her room.

Pulkit brings coffee for Sonakshi. Sona says she is not in a mood to have coffee. Pulkit asks her to have because today whatever she said to Suman was much needed. The duo talks with each other. Pulkit asks Sonakshi do she love Dr. Rohit and teases her. Sonakshi ask Pulkit not to act crazy. She says Rohit is just her friend.

Dr Sanjay and Dimpy come to examine Rohit. Rohit ask them what happened to him. Sanjay and Dimpy avoid Rohit’s talk and ask him to read his reports by himself. Rohit wonders why they are behaving weird and no one from his family came to meet him.

Naren scolds Venna for hiding Rohit’s truth from so many years. Sukhmani says but she is happy that Rohit loved someone. Rohan says whatever Rohit has done is wrong.

Dimpy comes and informs them that Rohit gain consciousness and neither she nor Sanjay has talked with Rohit.  She informs that she has asked the staffs too not to talk with Rohit. Venna ask what is this. Sukhmani explains her that whatever Rohit has done they need to punish him for his deeds.

Sonakshi comes to the hospital. She asks Tulsi about Rohit and Venna. Tulsi says Rohit is fine but there tension going on.

Sukhmani orders everyone and says none will go to meet Rohit. Naren ask Ajit to take out the car. Sona overhears Sippy’s talk and says all are angry with Rohit.

Rohit talks with Tulsi and Tulsi avoids him. Sonakshi comes and Tulsi greets Sona and Rohit says to Tulsi that oh..so you can speak.

Sonakshi ask Tulsi about Rohit. Tulsi says he survived and goes. Sonakshi asks Rohit to act mature. She yells at Rohit for his irresponsible behavior. She tells Rohit that on 26th September her heart was broken too but she moved on in her life than why can’t he. Rohit says he don’t want to talk about Raima.

Sonakshi yells at Rohit and says she will pray that he never get Raima back in his life. Rohit gets angry on Sonakshi and ask her to leave his room.

Sonakshi apologizes and Rohit hugs Sonakshi. Rohit pours his heat out to Sonakshi. The duo talks with each other. Rohit challenges to Sonakshi and says let’s check who will fall in love first again. Sonakshi tells him about her shooting sequence. Rohit praises her beauty and Sonakshi smiles. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi sees Rohit everywhere. She says Rohit can’t love her because he is someone else’s love. Rohit proposes Sonakshi for the marriage. Sonakshi stands shocked.