Episode starts with Rohit is remembering his days of love with Raima. He brings out a box containing all the memories of him and Rama kept in his room. He looks at each and everything and smiles at the memories attached with them. Veena is watching him from a distance and feels emotional for her son. Rohit close the box and says I am finally moving on in life Raima, you were my first love and you will remain special forever. Raima is in the therapy centre with her mother. Doctor says that for a coma patient, reacting this way after 4 years is itself a miracle, we got all the inputs from Dr.Vishal and we will start the treatment from today onwards.

Sonakshi also enters the same therapy centre with her brother for arranging his internship. She says to Pulkit that the centre is very good and her producer Netra mam suggested her this place. She says that the administrative officer of this Hospital is very good and you will get good results from here. Pulkit say that this is great and this center is very renowned as well. He says that whatever Sonakshi will do must be good for him. A guy named Vishal came forward and ask Sonakshi to come with him for further processing.

Vishal ask Sonakshi and Pulkit to wait outside when he will go inside and check with Dr.Parashar. Raima noticed Sonakshi there and starts to react. She is looking as if Sonakshi is a known person to her and she wants her by her side at that moment. Raima’s mother and the doctor get shocked to see her reacting in such a great scale and decides to check who is evoking such strong reaction from her.

Doctor comes out when Sonakshi leaves the hospital premises and ask for nurses to show her the selfie they have taken with Sonakshi. Doctor shows the picture of Sonakshi to Raima and her mother recognised her as Parvati. With much difficulty Raima finally says “Sonakshi”. Her mother is very happy that she uttered a word after four long years. She wonders why does Raima is calling Parvati as Sonakshi? The nurse says that her real name is Sonakshi.

Elsewhere, Rohit is asking Dr Dimpy give him the reports of Mr. Sen. Dimpy wonders who is the patient with such a name? She asks him who is Mr Sen when Rohit says the same patient whom we have operated 3 days ago. Dr Dimpy inform same that he is Mr Chaudhary, Rohit look embarrassed but still he manages to keep in normal phase and ask her to send Tulsi with his reports. Dimpy agrees and goes out of his cabin and shuts the door, Tulsi is about to enter the cabin and she meets Dr Dimpy.

Dimpy inform story that is behaving unlikely and he is messing up with the name of patients. Tulsi says that this is nothing she wants him in the morning that he is talking to himself. They wonder what happened and sneak in his cabin when Rohit is practicing his speech to propose Sonakshi. Dimpy and Tulsi giggles seeing him in such a way while Rohit thinks how to tell her this romantically? He says what to call her Sonakshi?then he fixed on Sona.

Tulsi says Sir is in love and Dimpy says give him this reports and leaves from there. Tulsi comes inside to give him reports and trying to control her laughter while Rohit wonders what to do? In the house, Rohan is worried about getting exposed when Pari calls him and informs that she doesn’t take his name at all. Deepa develops a doubt on Rohan and his activities.

Sonakshi is in set and Sumit comes to meet her. He tries to taunt her but she manages him well. Sumit says to Sonakshi that Dr.Surgeon worries about you a lot and if he can he will keep you in Z security. Get married to him soon or else who can say he may also escape like the previous one! Sonakshi says it is your first day right then why are you making a fuss? She asks to excuse her as she has to get ready. Sumit left and Sonakshi calls for Sunita.

Rohit is in hospital and is about to enter his cabin when he sees Sonakshi is sitting inside. He thinks he is hallucinating her again and thinks if he has gone mad? Tulsi looks at him with a smile and he tries to pretend to be normal. He enters his cabin and touched Sonakshi to confirm that she is there for real and sits beside her. Sonakshi is in dilemma about telling him to put an end to this drama while he thinks that he has to propose his love to her today.

Precap – Rohit says Sonakshi that he doesn’t want to break up with her as he feels comfortable with she being around him.