Episode starts with Pooja asking to Sonakshi what she earned by doing all these. Sonakshi  says she went to the changing room for fixing Pair’s dress and didn’t know it was Pooja’s dress. 

Rohit shouts at Sonakshi, accuses her for stopping low, that she even didn’t care about other person for the crown. Rohit says to Sona that she and her mother have done it intentionally for avenging Nishi. Sonakshi yells back at Rohit and ask him to stop the non-sense. She says to Rohit that she has earned the fame and name by her hard work and doesn’t inherit it from ancestors like him. The duo fights and Sonakshi leave the place saying not to ever cross her path from now.

Sumit gets happy thinking whatever he has planned didn’t fall on place but whatever happened was not bad. He says Sona and Rohit was laughing on him earlier now it his turn. He looks at Pooja’s picture and says one among the crowd has definitely record the incident and will reveal it soon.

At Sippy’s mansion Nishi ask Pooja not to cry. YK comes and Nishi ask him where he was. Yk goes to console Pooja. Pooja yells at him and says that whenever she needed him he is never there for her. Pooja breaks the things and Naren slaps her. Everyone gets stunned.

Naren ask Pooja to trust him nothing will happen to her. He says if Sonakshi is behind all these than he will not spare her. He further says he will handle media and press. Pooja hugs Naren and cries.

Nishi and Yk consoles Pooja. Rohan, Ajit and others cheers up Pooja. Rohit sees them from far and thinks something.

Suman decorates the house for Pari. She asks Pulkit to loud the music because today she will dance along with Pari. Suman sees Sona and blames her that because of her Pari is not happy even after winning the crown. Pari says she is not feeling well and asks Pulkit to slow down the music.

Venna says how can he be so sure that Sonakshi has done it. Naren says Pooja has seen Sonakshi with her dress. Rohit comes and interrupts. He says no one other than Sonakshi has done this and now he will not spare her. Venna asks him to calm down and listen to her. Tanya and Venna support Sona and say to Rohit to think once if he thinks that Sonakshi can stoop this low.

Venna says she has seen the world and can judge people’s character. Rohit stares at Naren and says she is saying right she knows to judge the people. Yk comes and says he too believe that Sonakshi can’t do something like that. Rohit says but he will teach Sonakshi a good lesson for her act.

Sonakshi goes behind Pari and ask her what the matter is. Pari tells Sonakshi as how she exchanged her dress with Pooja’s after seeing the strain. She hugs her saying if today she would have worn out that dress than instead of Pooja she would have suffered from the wardrobe malfunction. She says to Sona that this means someone has planned against her. Sonakshi recalls the flashback of Sumit and Karan both. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit asks Sonakshi not to call him again and again. Sonakshi thinks of a way to help Pooja. Dipa and Rohit join hands against Sonakshi.