The episode begins with Sonakshi ask Rohit to look into her eyes and try to depict what it says. Rohit look into my eyes and says the redness is high in your eyes it can be because of deficiency of vitamin A or vitamin C. He advised her to sleep more or else the dark circles will increase. Sonakshi is shocked and disappointed with his viewpoint. Shankar, the driver of Sonakshi tells Ravi that nothing can be done with your boss.

Sonakshi tells Rohit that it is not his fault but hers, as she is the one who is fool here. she says I don’t know what happened to me whenever you say something or comes in front of me. From past few days I am travelling from Malabar to Goregaon like near about a hundred times for no reason. She asks Shankar if the car is fixed now and left from there. Ravi comes to Rohit and says sir nothing can be done with you, you are such a hopeless. Sonakshi loves you so much but still, you can’t see this.

Rohit comes in hospital and Tulsi asks him why he is at the hospital in such an odd hour? She asks him if there is an emergency or anything important and she goes on and on and on when Rohit finally asked her to shut up. He says why your girl speak so much? Then he asks her to fix an appointment for him with the eye specialist as Sonakshi suggest him to check his eyes because he can’t see anything. Tulsi asks why did she say so?

Sonakshi comes home in a very angry mood and says Rohit is such a mad I mean he was telling me, best friend, good friend, special friend, more than a special friend, I never knew a friend has so many categories. She enters the house when Suman says that there is a guest for her. Sonakshi comes in and the guest is none other than Tanusree Sengupta, Raima’s mother. Sonakshi obviously doesn’t aware of the fact and she settles with her to understand what she is trying to say.

Here in the hospital, Tulsi calls Dr Dimpy inside the cabin of Rohit and both of them tell him that they all can see how much Sonakshi loves him. Rohit realises that there are so many moments when Sonakshi indirectly expresses her love for him. He decides to meet Sonakshi at that very moment and tell her about his feelings. Tulsi and Dimpy say she must be angry right now and in anger people usually do wrong things, let her cool down you can talk to her tomorrow morning.

Tanusree asks Sonakshi that her daughter was in a coma for 4 years and suddenly she is showing improvement in her state and acted so strongly seeing her in the J.K Therapy Centre. Sonakshi freaks out to know that a girl named Mamai knows her whereas she has no idea about her whereabouts. She still agrees to go and meet her tomorrow morning. Tanushree says love is a very complicated emotion and this love is only ruined the life of her daughter.

In the morning, Rohit is getting prepared to meet Sonakshi. While on the other side, Sonakshi is going to meet Raima and she informs the same to Netra mam. Rohit is trying to call Sonakshi but she is continuously ignoring and Rohit calls Netra mam instead to know about Sonakshi. She tells him that Sonakshi is somewhere else when Rohit calls Pulkit and asks about Sonakshi and he says Sonakshi left already and Suman is listening to their conversation.

Rohit in a way to behave normal asks him about his internship when Pulkit informed that he is doing his internship under Dr.Parashar as his sister told him that she doesn’t want any favour of anybody. Rohit says what favour? your sister has gone crazy and you will do your internship under me only.


Pulkit gets excited while Rohit says I am very stubborn Sonakshi you will not able to go away from me. He suddenly remembers Raima and texts her, where is she now and he misses talking to her. He says he is waiting for her all along 4 years and now suddenly someone came into his life who made him feel alive and when his friendship with that person becomes love, he doesn’t know. He says to her that he wished to see her happy and fit and fine again and send the text. Here Raima is trying to write something when Sonakshi enters her cabin.

Precap: No Precap.