The episode begins with Sonakshi enters the cabin of Mamai, unknown to the fact that she is Raima the ex-lover of Rohit. She comes near timer and says did you like these flowers I brought this for you. She caresses her head gently and says she has a very innocent face and I have met her I will definitely remember her face. Tanushree says I don’t know why she reacted so much seeing you that day in the therapy center? Sonakshi says if you people need I will come again tomorrow. She keeps her hand on Raima and tries to assure her and is about to go when Raima holds her hand strongly. Sonakshi feels weird and Raima tries to utter 26 but is unable to say so.

On the other hand, Rohit comes at the J.K. Therapy center and enquires about Sonakshi. One of the nurses comes to her and says there is a doctor is waiting for you and Sonakshi guessed it to be Rohit. Raima suddenly triggered with the name but is unable to react. Sonakshi comes out to meet Rohit, he stops her in a mid way and says that he has a very important thing to tell her. Sonakshi asks are you stalking me? Rohit says I have very important things to tell please come aside with me. Sonakshi says I came here to meet someone, she needs me. Whatever you want to tell me you can tell here. Rohit freaks that here? in the hospital? Sonakshi says yes and Rohit and smiles and blushing.

Sonakshi says that the smile of Rohit since really affectionate and attractive which is making the breakup for her is it difficult. However, she is fed up with his continuous rant of friendship and wonders what new he will tell today. Rohit is about to say his feelings when some of the fans gather there. They started to ask Sonakshi for selfies, Sonakshi agrees immediately and poses with them while Rohit is getting annoyed. someone from the fan asked Rohit to click a picture for them and he did and asks them to excuse as it is a hospital area. Sonakshi informs him that his time is over and now she has to leave to meet the patient. Rohit follows her and she says what are you doing here like this and all the staff members got surprised and giggles.

Raima notices Rohit but she fails to make him notice her. The nurse covered the cabin as they have to change the clothes of her soon. Rohit pins Sonakshi to the wall and says I know you love. You love me a lot but I am unable to see the feelings you had for me. Actually I was so confused with my own emotions that I didn’t even realize that you are in love with me. He tells her you to know I had a past and maybe because of that you will not be able to believe me but now I understand one thing that some people are meant to be a beautiful past and some are there in your destiny. You are my destiny Sonakshi and Rohit needs you in his life. He says I used to like you, I like your company but now my liking has turned into a love for you. I love you Sonakshi, I love you and keeps on repeating this thing again and again.

Sonakshi gets tears of happiness because finally, she is getting to hear words which are she is yearning for a long time. She asks Rohit to wait outside and she will come in a minute. Rohit says that today I will not leave you, Sonakshi says please don’t do this and asks him to go. While going out Rohit tells the staff of the hospital that he loves Sonakshi. Sonakshi pays a visit to Mamai again when the doctor asks her to leave. She comes out and tells Rohit about all this. Rohit gets cozy with her and says if there is more problem we will transfer her to my hospital. Sonakshi asks Rohit to let her go and says I will tell my mother after someday about us. Rohit bids her goodbye but is not ready to leave her but Sonakshi gets in car and smiles at him.

Precap: 26th September mystery promo.