The episode starts with Raima in dilemma and is thinking about what to do next. Her mother says let’s go to Chandigarh now at least because staying here will only hurt her. Sulochona says no to go anywhere now at least from the day she has come did Veena once tried to ask her what she wants? Raima says she wanta to stay here and wants to see if she has done anything wrong by giving Rohit to Sonakshi.

Rohit and Sonakshi come home together and Sonakshi asks about the family as she could find anyone Rohit says this is not her TV serial that everybody will gather at the hall and when she will enter and they will shout, “wow Rohit, you have come”. Sonakshi says not to start again with her TV serial. Sonakshi says he can go and change meanwhile she will wait here. Rohit goes and then again comes back and says to Sonakshi why don’t she also come along with him to take a shower together as hot water shower will help her reduce her whole day stress and tiredness. sonakshi says that no need to get naughty so much before the wedding. Rohit says he is thinking about the environment to see if they both take a shower together then the water will be saved as well and everyone is spreading the message of saving water everywhere. Sonakshi says just to get a shower together he is giving out so many excuses and lies.

Suddenly the voice of badi mama comes from a different direction and she mockingly says to Sonakshi that she should go and take shower with Rohit. Sonakshi feels very embarrassed while Rohit says he didn’t even notice her. His grandmother smiles and says that she really enjoyed the cute banter they both are doing. Rohit says he will be back soon after taking a hot shower. Badi mumma says to Sonakshi, Rohit is just like his grandfather very naughty and very romantic. She asked why is she blushing ? she used to be very bold in her era as well. Sonakshi says to badi mama that she is bold even now.

Sonakshi comes to meet Veena in the kitchen and finds her disturbed. She asks her if anything happened? Veena says Naren had a bad day and he is disturbed for that and so she is. Sonakshi advised Veena to prepare something special for Naren uncle along with green tea and his mood will surely cheer up. Veena instantly agrees with her and says she will prepare Koki now.

The entire Rastogi Family comes at Sippy mansion for dinner when Tanya breaks out the news of her being pregnant. Sonakshi congratulates her and she is very happy. All of them get settled on the table for dinner and discussing about the theme of sangeet.

Raima comes there and suggested to have a theme like Malabar Vs Goregaon. She says let us have some item numbers for Goregaon people and some classy numbers for Malabar Hills people. Rohit feels very awkward in the situation and he says he didn’t do something like that and he tries to make Sonakshi feel comfortable.

A staff member comes and informed Rohit someone is waiting for him outside. Rohit comes out and it was Mahesh who ask him to hire him for his driver position as he needs a job urgently. Rohit says that he doesn’t hire people like that as they only hire people through agencies. He says that he badly need a job or else he will not beg from him. Sonakshi comes there and asks Rohit to hire him or else if he lodges any police complaint, she will be in stress and currently, she doesn’t need anything like that. Rohit reluctantly agrees but says only after police verification you will be hired on the job. Mahesh agrees instantly and thanks Sonakshi. Rohit comes inside the house holding the hand of Sonakshi.

Precap – Rohit is discussing with YK about Sonakshi’s security and Mahesh gets to listen to the conversation. Later on, he follows Sonakshi in the venue.