Episode starts with Sonakshi starring at Sumit and Amrita. Sumit comes and yells at Sonakshi. He says to her that she has gone crazy and uttering rubbish.

Sumit asks Sonakshi how can she blame him for whatever happened with Pooja Sippy. He asks her to give prove against her. Sonakshi says she is working with him from past three years and knows him well. She yells at Summit and says the way he is screaming and trying to prove he is innocent; is proving that he is behind that cheap act. Sonakshi warns Sumit and says she will prove him guilty.

Sumit asks Sonakshi not to provoke him, as she doesn’t know him. The duo does an argument. Netra interrupts and scolds both of them. She says handles everything but for her the show is priority, as the show is the livelihood for many people.

Sonakshi apologizes to Netra. Netra goes from there and ask everyone to report at her cabin. Everyone gathers at her office. Netra discusses her worry about the falling TRP. She tells everyone that the new upcoming show can affect their show, as the timeslot is same and their plot holds a good content.  She tells that she has made few changes for the upcoming episodes and they have to reshoot few episodes. Netra discusses the strategy and Sonakshi says she will support her throughout. Sumit says he is capable for uplifting the TRP but never gets a chance to show his talent.  

Rohit comes out from OT. He sees YK. Rohit asks to YK about his mother. YK tells to Rohit about his and Nishi’s fight. He tells to Rohit that he said in anger that Pooja isn’t his daughter. Rohit gets stunned.

Rohit closes the door and asks to YK that Pooja isn’t his daughter. He yells at YK for saying unpleasant thing about Pooja. He says Pooja doesn’t know the truth but he has not done right by saying that to Nishi. YK apologizes to Rohit.

Suman vents out her frustration at the director who replaced Pari for Pooja. Suman calls Sona and she didn’t received the call due to meeting. Netra tells the upcoming track story to everyone.

Pari sees the envelope and gives to Suman. Suman stands shocked after reading. Sonakshi comes back and asks Madhubala about everyone. Sona comes and asks Suman what happened. Suman gives court notice to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi gets shocked reading Sippy’s has filed a case of defamation on them and claims for 15 crores.

Rohit calls and ask about YK. Snehal looks weirdly at Rohit. Rohit gets uncomfortable. He checks the reports of Desai. Snehal praises Rohit. She asks Rohit to give his personal number. Rohit gives her Simmi’s number.

Lawyer discuss about the case. Netra too comes. Sonakshi says they should tell the entire truth to Sippy’s. Lawyer says they didn’t yet tell the truth to Sippy’s. Sona says Rohit is not receiving her call. Pulkit asks her to try from his number. Rohit receives the call and hangs up after hearing Sona’s voice.

Suman asks Netra to help them out. Dipa calls Rohit and ask about Sona. Rohit says she is repeatedly calling him but she didn’t spoke to her.

Pari screams and says Netra is uttering nonsense. Pari says she’ll not say any truth in front of anyone. Sona tries to calm her down. Suman scolds Sonakshi.

Sonakshi says that Pari has exchanged the dress and this truth she should confess in front of Sippy’s. Suman says this way Pari’s career will end before it gets start. Suman disagrees with Sonakshi. Lawyer too tries to convince Suman and ask her to let Pari tell the truth.

Suman says NO. Sonakshi yells at Suman and says to her that four years back on 26th September, they all were standing on the crossroad like the way they are standing now. She says if that day she would have chosen the right path than things would have been different today. Suman looks at Sonakshi (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi goes with Pari at Sippy mansion to tell them the truth. Rohit yells at her for coming to his house.