Episode starts with ACP introducing himself and asking Sonakshi to come with them. Rohit ask why. Lady inspector tells that Sonakshi Rastogi is under suspicion for a sensitive murder case. Sippy’s and others stands shocked.

Rohit ask whose murder and what connection Sonakshi has with that person. ACP tells that Ashish Matre’s wife has been murdered and Sonakshi knows Ashish well thus she has to come with them for the investigation.

Suman says they can’t take Sonakshi, as she is celebrity. Police ask them to cooperate. Sonakshi goes with them and Rohit stops Sonakshi. He asks Sonakshi not to fear, as he is always at her side forever. Sonakshi gets teary.

Suman runs behind Sonakshi and says Sonakshi can’t harm anyone. Rohit ask to ACP where he is taking her. Police tells to Rohit that they are taking her at police headquarters. Rohit says to Sonakshi not to worry, as they are only taking her for questioning. Sonakshi ask Rohit to take care of Suman.

Suman asks her lawyer to come to police headquarter. She orders Jai to bring Pulkit and Pari to the station. Rohit ask Ravi to bring out the car. Sonakshi recalls her meeting with Matre. She was about to call someone but police takes her mobile and says she can’t call anyone.

Suman ask Pari not to panic and reach police station with Pulkit. She worries for Sonakshi. Rohit ask Suman did Sonakshi didn’t told her why she went to Pune. Suman says she lost Sonakshi’s trust long back. She further says she didn’t even tell her about his and Sonakshi’s drama. Rohit says how she knows about the drama.

Suman recalls the flashback and tells to Rohit that Netra told her Sonakshi is just helping him by pretending to be his girlfriend in front of Sippy’s.

Rohit tries to console Suman but Suman ask him not to, as she is strong enough to stand beside her daughter. She tells to Rohit that once she has gone through the same situation and that time she wouldn’t able to save her husband but this time she will save Sonakshi at any cost.

ACP comes and Sonakshi without asking tells him that she didn’t speak to Matre after coming back from Pune. She further says she got to know about Savitri’s murder reading newspaper. ACP says to Sonakshi that he can understand she is nervous but he expects to only answer the questions he asks.

Naren says he read about the murder in the newspaper but he was clueless that Sonakshi having connection with this. Dipa comes and tells to Sippy’s that they took Sonakshi only for questioning because she knows him. Nishi oppose and says Sonakshi is not fit for their family. Akash and Pooja support Sonakshi over Nishi.

Otherside, ACP questions Sonakshi and doubts on Sonakshi after hearing her answer. Constable comes and interrupts. ACP goes and before leaving says to Sonakshi that he wants proper answer to his questions. He asks her to relax till he comes back.

Sonakshi narrates and thinks what she should do. Do she should tell ACP that she went to meet Matre because of Pooja Sippy or not. 

Rohit and Rohan ask police to let them meet Sonakshi once. Ullas refuses and Rohit ask him to call senior officer. ACP comes and asks Rohit and others not to interrupt him, as he is doing his duty. YK asks Rohit to calm down.

Sonakshi ask ACP to let her meet Suman once. ACP says she can meet anyone after telling him the truth. He says he will ask her the same questions. Sonakshi says she is ready to tell the truth. Sonakshi tells him everything about her and Matre’s deal for Pooja Sippy.

ACP ask how he should believe her, as there is no witness present except Matre with her who can prove whatever she is saying is true.  And police is still looking up for Matre. Sonakshi asks ACP to believe her, as she is telling the truth.

Rohit brings special permission from minister to meet Sonakshi. Police allows only Rohit to go inside. Sonakshi tells to ACP that Matre used to blackmail her for attending the event. Rohit hears Sonakshi’s confession and stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Suman ask Rohit to go back home as she can take care of herself. Rohit says he is not going anywhere leaving Sonakshi. Rohit ask Sonakshi about the event for which Matre was blackmailing her. Sonakshi says nothing and ask Rohit to trust her. Rohit ask Sonakshi to trust him.