The episode begins with Naren is sitting in the hall with Veena, YK, and Nishi. Harry comes to offer him coffee but he denies and says I have to leave for the hospital. Nishi is about to start her rant about Rastogis but YK stops her to see Rohit is coming out from the lift. Rohit comes out and watches all the people and leaves silently without saying a word. Veena watches him go but didn’t say any word. Rohan also follows Rohit when Ravi comes to Rohit and tells that Sonakshi.

Rohit gets worried to listen to her name and says what happened to her? Ravi informs him that I got a call from Sunita that due to the whole fiasco of Mahatre murder case they are throwing Sonakshi out of the show. Rohit asks about Sonakshi and Rohan says how come they do such a thing to her?

Rohan is about to call his contacts but it stops in and says that I already had a talk with ACP regarding this but he says until and unless Mhatre got caught even if they can’t do anything in this case. Rohit is on the phone while going out of the house when he collided with the guy who is helping in Mhatre to hide. Vimmi introduces them to Rohit and Rohit greets them and leaves for the hospital when that guy will turn back as he is talking about Mhatre on phone.

On the other side, Sonakshi will shoot for her last scene where all the cast and crew members gather together. She gives her shot when Director says this was her last scene in the show, if she wants she can stay for some more time in case they need any sort of close up shots of her. Sonakshi agrees for it while the cast members get worried about what will happen to the show now? Who will watch it, what if it gets shut down? A crew member asks Netra Ji if they can do anything to save the show? Netra Ji gets in thought.

In Sumit, house servant comes to him and informs him that Netra Ji has come to meet him. He agrees and asks him to tell her that he will be coming in a moment. He comes to meet Netra Ji and says that he is aware of the whole thing. Netra Ji tells him that he will get a call time and he can start shoot from the day after tomorrow. Sumit asks for a hike in his per day payment and also keeps a condition of working Mon- Fri only. Moreover, he tells her to send him a contract with a clause that she can’t replace him at all in the upcoming year.

Sonakshi is leaving her vanity when she sees it for the last time and gets emotional. She caresses the nameplate of Parvati and comes out and see all the cast and crew members are standing outside to bid her goodbye. She with teary eyes tries hard to smile and asks for clicking a selfie with all.

Rohit in his hospital is asking his assistant Tulsi about Dr. Dimpy so that he can leave for Sonakshi’s shooting set. Tulsi asks him about the replacement of Sonakshi from the show. He says he doesn’t have any clear idea about it he is going to meet Sonakshi regarding this matter only. Tulsi asks him to tell her that only she is the Parvati and no one else. Rohit assures her to tell her this and Tulsi leaves from his cabin. He gets in car when Ravi informs him that Sunita messaged him sometimes ago that Sonakshi is done with her last shot and she left the shooting place. Rohit immediately calls Pulkit to have a check on Sonakshi and asks him if she is at home?

Pulkit says she is not at home and he keeps on calling Sonakshi but she doesn’t pick up the call. Suddenly he remembers meeting her in the same place where he used to go whenever he feels upset. He asked Ravi to take a U-turn, Sonakshi is in the park and gets sad to see the state of it. She says in her mind, maybe it is true that with time everything loses its beauty and identity. She gets a call from Suman who is as usual shouting that why she was scrapped from the show all of a sudden? She asks Sonakshi to have a talk with the channel head and not to leave the matter just like that. Sonakshi tells him that she wants to live some moments alone and tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi so she just needs some peace of mind. She hangs up the call with Suman in between and sits there.

Rohit reaches the spot and gets happy to see the car of Sonakshi as he was right about her. He looks here and there and finally spots Sonakshi. He walks up to her and asks why she is not picking up his calls? He asks her to come for dinner but she refuses. He tries to cheer her up in an offbeat way but she lashes out at him. Rohit understands her state of mind and takes her in his arms and comes out of the park while Sonakshi keeps on shouting that she wants to stay there alone and asks him to leave her.

Rohit comes out and puts her in car boots and locks it. Sonakshi is taken aback by his actions and even Ravi also gets shocked. Sonakshi keeps on shouting to open the door but he says she can stay there for two minutes while holding her breath. He asks her to agree for dinner or else he will not open it. Sonakshi eventually agrees and Rohit opens the door. He helped Sonakshi to get up and sit asks her how was his idea? Sonakshi gets angry on him and starts to push him back and yells at him for behaving in such a way.

She tells him doesn’t he feel any shame while doing this? She keeps on shouting and finally, she starts to cry, exactly what Rohit wants her to do. As soon as she starts to cry Rohit takes her in his embrace. Sonakshi has no limits now and she just breaks down in his arms and finally, she said that she is deeply hurt with whatever happened. She says that show is my identity, that was her show and she was the Parvati for the last 3 years. Suddenly no one can come and takes her place just like that. She has done nothing and not involved in anything still all this happened and again she starts to cry.

Rohit keeps his silence and just consoles her by caressing her hairs and rubbing her back. After time Sonakshi finally gets back in normal mode when Rohit asks her if she is feeling fine now? Sonakshi agrees when right shares to her that the moment the truth will come out everything that got messed up now will be fine. Sonakshi nods her head in yes and again goes back to hug him.

After a while, She is all calm and normal and Rohit asks her if she is feeling fine now? Sonakshi says yes when Rohit signs her that her makeup is there below her eyes. She wipes her cheeks but couldn’t locate the odd. Rohit brings out his handkerchief to her but still, the makeup remains there.

Rohit takes the handkerchief and does the job. He then again bends towards her and this time wipes something from below her eyes. She looks at him all relax and he signs her that now it is all fine.

Precap – Ganapati celebrations at Sonakshi house and Rohit gets a clue about Mhatre.