The episode begins with Rohit is removing the slight part of makeup from Sonakshi face. He gestures are with science that it is all perfect now. Again asks her how was his idea? Sonakshi asks why did you lock me up in the boot? You could have thought of something else. Rohit says actually I wanted that hidden frustration and anger inside you to come out. For that, you need to get a big shock than when you already got to open up. Sonakshi gets surprised and ask is this a shock?

Rohit tells her yes I could slap you to take you out of the trauma. Sonakshi says dare you do that I will give u back then, Rohit asks her always be fearless like this. Never ever breakdown ownself so that this world can never be able to break you. Rohit tells her the credit of this idea doesn’t belong to me because this happened to me once.

Sonakshi gets surprised and asks who did it to you? Rohit says this kind of crazy ideas can only come from Raima. Once we had a fight with each other and I was angry on her so she locked me up in the car boot in anger. He holds Sonakshi hand and says if you ever meet Raima you too will become best of friends. Sonakshi says she doesn’t want to befriend Raima. Rohit keeps silence and then he changes the topic and says tomorrow is Ganapati puja at your place right? Sonakshi asks him will he come for the event?

Rohit happily says yes I will surely come. Sonakshi tells him that she should take leave for the day as there are some last-minute tuitions are pending for Ganapati Puja and she has to take some stuff as well. Rohit asks her to smile before going or else he will lock her in the car boot. She smiles and leaves.

Rohit comes home and enters his room when he notices a card is kept in his room. He goes and checks it and see it is a sorry card from his mother. He gets happy and things only his mum can do such cute things that she brought a greeting card in the era of mobile. Veena is preparing for dinner in the kitchen when Rohit comes from behind and hugs her back. He asks about the card when Veena says she brought it for him.

Rohit says Mrs. Veena Sippy wasted her petrol to buy a simple card whereas it can be done by a simple message. He tells her she doesn’t need to apologize from him ever, he informs her that Sonakshi invited the entire family for Ganapati Puja in her house and he wants to be with her and support her. Ajit comes and pulls his leg and says so finally you have patched up and this started with their fights and Vinay decides to make the family agree to visit Sonakshi house.

In the morning, Suman is preparing things and decorations for Ganapati puja when Sona and Pulkit enter the house with Ganapati idol. Sonakshi asks about the priest and Pulkit said he will give him a call and asks him when he will appear?

Pari comes and informs the family that she got to know while coming up from a neighbor that nobody is going to visit their house this year on Ganapati celebrations. Sonakshi tells everyone not to think about any negativity today. Pulkit comes and says that event priest is saying that he won’t be able to come today. They are in a dilemma when Rohit appears at her doorstep with his family for the puja and Sonakshi is happy to see him there.

She welcomes the Sippy family in her house while Suman is shocked to see them there. Rohit asks Sonakshi to perform the pooja herself instead of waiting for any priest. He helps her with some online tutorial video of Ganesh Pooja and she does it as per the instructions and all of them perform the pooja while Rohit and Sonakshi take the lead here.

During the pooja, Vimmi comes there with Shailesh, the same person who is helping Mhatre and his brother. He recognized Sonakshi and says he had seen her in Pune at Mhatre’s hotel. Rohit listens to the conversation and is about to confront Shailesh but Sonakshi comes in between and stops him. She asked Rohit not to bring up this topic your as this can damage the happy environment of the house. Rohit agrees with her but he again asks Sonakshi that what happened in Pune? Sonakshi avoids him.

Sonakshi comes to Naren to give him offering for the Puja and thank him for coming to her house. she also says that she is sorry for the day of Janmashtami when for her police appeared at his house. Narendra tells her that he doesn’t like to talk in a twisted way and says that your visit to Pune is just not worth it. He says earning money is something which all of us like but then there are some places we shouldn’t get invest ourselves which can later backfire on us. Rohit comes and defends Sonakshi. Later on, he catches Shailesh in alone and directly asks him about Mhatre’s whereabouts.

Precap – Rohit follows Shailesh in his car, Netra Ji discloses the actual truth in front of Nishi.