Last we saw, Sonakshi gets stressed after stalker Mahesh harassed her. She fears that someone will separate her from Rohit. Rohit consoles Sonakshi and tells to her that none can separate him from her. He also suggests Sonakshi to keep bodyguard with her always. Ahead, Rohit himself turned out to be Sonakshi’s bodyguard and there, Rohit’s driver Ravi gets framed by Mahesh and Ravi gets arrested for stealing the engagement ring. Now in the upcoming sequence Sonakshi will disguise as Sardarni and will drive the car for Rohit. Later on, Rohit will refuse to kiss Sonakshi, find out the reason below!

In the upcoming moment will see Sonakhi will disguise as Sardarni and will go to meet Rohit. She will become his driver for the day. No sooner Sonakshi will play a song in the car Rohit will recognize Sonakshi seeing her bracelet and ring. Further, Rohit will comment on Sonakshi and will say his fiancée is boring. Sonakshi will get to know that Rohit knows she is Sonakshi not Sardarni and will provoke Rohit by praising Sumit.

Sonakshi will say to Rohit that Summit has more passion and potential than him and he is just a marriage material. Furious Rohit will ask Sonakshi to stop the car and the cute nok-jhok between them will start.

When Sonakshi will challenge to Rohit that he don’t have fire, Rohit will lean upon Sonakshi and will gesture to kiss her to prove her wrong but he will later say to Sonakshi that he is a cultured man and will kiss only to his wife. Aww…isn’t he cute?!

Sonakshi will ask apology from Rohit and Rohit will kiss her on cheek and will say sorry.

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