Star Plus prime time show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is going through some high voltage drama track these days. Currently in the show the ex lover of Rohit is back and she already accused Sonakshi for her state. Things took a drastic turn when Raima comes to know that Rohit is currently in love with the very same girl whom she is blaming.

Well after a lot of drama and blame games finally Raima has realised that Rohit belongs to Sonakshi and it is not going to be in love with her like used to be some years ago. Hence she decides to back off and gives Rohit his due closure. The family members of both Sonakshi and rejoice when Raima announced that she is only a friend of Rohit and there is nothing extra between them.

In an upcoming episode of the show, we were selected to see the head of the family Mrs Sukhmani Sippy declares the marriage of Rohit and Sonakshi as soon as possible. she says about the families and the candidates have gone through so much that she doesn’t want to delay it anymore. Suman will also happily agrees and what the family starts to prepare for the marriage in their respective house. While Rohit and Sonakshi doesn’t want to get married so soon, somehow they got happy and convinced that they are finally being together.

Well things are not going to be as sweet as it seems. Soon, the ex boyfriend of Sonakshi will create troubles for Rohit and Sonakshi in upcoming days. Sonakshi who will be out of the city due to her commitment for an event will try her best to make Rohit feel special and Happy during her absence. She will leave personalized letters for him saying I love you in every hour. Rohit will get touched and overwhelmed with this gesture of Sonakshi. However soon his happiness will fade away when Karan will try to blackmail him by tarnishing the image of Sonakshi. Karan threatens Rohit that if he doesn’t bow down to his demand of a particular amount of money then he will humiliate Sonakshi publicly.

Now it will be interesting to see how will Rohit go out of his limit to protect his love?