They say ” Don’t judge someone just because they appeared to be different than you”. Quite true for the people who judge others on every instance. But if you are Dr. Rohit Sippy then you are not only judgmental but a cute mess of being upset as well.

Star Plus newly launched show “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is not only breathes a fresh air of content on television but also it is a blessing for people who switches the TV for entertainment sake. The show is doing extremely well among the viewers and the feedback the show is getting is proof of that. The banter of Rohit Sippy and Sonakshi is fun to watch and makers have realised this already. That’s why in the upcoming episodes of the show people will get to see more such fun filled argument between the leads. 

The loyal audience of the daily is aware about the fact that the show is currently showing Sonakshi is being invited for the inauguration of Sippy Hospital’s new wing. Dr. Rohit Sippy who is the rightful owner of the hospital is not much in favour of calling a TV actress at the event.

In short, they both are not aware that destiny has made a plan to make them meet each other once again. In the latest episode of the flick the audience will get to see that Sonakshi will get surprised to see Rohit came to take her for the event. She will think of him as an employee of the hospital whereas Rohit will disclose that she is the owner of the hospital.

Sonakshi realized that she is chief guest in his event only and tells him that she came to know about an arrogant doctor of this hospital who is bad mouthing about her. Whereas Rohit will understand that she is referring to no other but him only. Later he will get surprised and impressed with a beautiful speech by Sonakshi about his invention at the event.

Are you excited to see how the equation of these two grow in the show further?