It was a famous unofficial rule of falling in love that one has to feel restless to apologize to the one who is upset with you for a reason. Well such meetings and trials which led one person to know the other better helps in building a proper relationship. Star Plus newly launched love story “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is having such similar kind of storyline running in the show these days.

Well after a good amount of time Rohit is finally started to see Sonakshi as a human being and a woman other than her reel character, Parvati. On the other hand, Sonakshi also realized finally that Rohit is only appears to be rude, but he is also a gentleman with a beautiful thinking.

In the last episode of the show, the ardent viewers witness how a prompt and impulsive act of Nishi creates a huge misunderstanding between Rohit and Sonakshi. Moreover, Suman has to face a lot of embarrassment along with Sonakshi due to this mess. On the whole, Sonakshi gives Rohit an ultimatum about not to meet or see him again in life. Rohit also feels sorry for hurting Sonakshi in spite of her being very sweet with him and return him the watch on first instance.

Now in the upcoming episodes Rohit will be seen trying to seek apology from Sonakshi for the incident. Sonakshi on the other side is very much taken aback with the incident and will decline to mend up ways with him. A helpless Rohit will asks Netra ji, Sonakshi’s producer of TV show to help him to make Sonakshi understand his state. On the other hand, Yash will lashes out at Nishi for costing so much drama in the family for no reason and harming Rohit’s reputation.

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