Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:- Sonakshi to gets annoyed on Rohit

It was said that love can never knock at your door until you are intending to open it. Something similar is happening with Rohit Sippy who is not sure about what he wants in his life. Star Plus popular primetime show “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” hate going to see some very interesting and unique twist in the upcoming episodes.

Well, we all know that Rohit’s past love Raima is going to enter the show soon as per the latest promo. Rohit who is still not recovered from his past and not able to identify his true feelings for Sonakshi is going to face a dilemma of mind in the upcoming story.

In the last episode, Rohit has promised Sonakshi that he will give himself a second chance in life to move on and find love. On the other hand, his family members are really worried about his health and lifestyle. Hence they all are asking him to get married and settle down in life.

To escape the situation, he says that he loves a girl. His younger brother Ajit has made this lie worse by saying that he is in love with Sonakshi Rastogi. His family members get shocked to know this but they are quite happy with his decision. In today’s episode, Rohit will ask Sonakshi to meet him over dinner and there he will propose to her for the same. Sonakshi who thinks it to be true, get shocked to know when he tells her the actual plan. She gets annoyed at him and immediately left the place.

Later on, Veena will arrive at Sonakshi house with a bouquet to talk with Suman about the alliance. Now it will be interesting to see how this drama turns out to be real for Rohit? How will he cope up with the fact of Raima is back in his life? Stay tuned for more updates.

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