The episode starts with Suman asking the wedding planner that the media houses got the invitation for tomorrow’s event or not? Muniya comes to Suman with a cup of coffee and said why don’t you have a conversation with Sonakshi mam regarding the nuptial night issue as she doesn’t know anything about that. Suman looks so worried after listening to this. In the Sippy mansion, everyone is deciding the song for the sangeet ceremony. Pooja says for the section of Rohit let’s ask him the song. Rohit is talking on the phone with the commissioner regarding security purposes. YK comes to him and asks if Ravi is innocent? Rohit says to YK about the entire thing and unfortunately Mahesh on to get to know about the entire plan. Suman comes to Sonakshi and tries to discuss with her about her first night with her husband.

Sonakshi says every girl used to feel now words and before her first night but there was nobody who can guide her for that. At least her mother is here to discuss about it and she feels privileged. Suman says Rohit is a very sorted guy and he will not do anything that can hurt her daughter. Sonakshi says don’t take his side so much as she is her mother. Sonakshi then asks Suman to hell how to keep Rohit happy? and both of them starts to giggle.

Rohit and YK comes back after the test drive with Mahesh. Rohit assign him for the job but says that the job is temporary because his own driver Ravi will be back soon. YK aks Mahes to submit aadhar card for verification. Mahesh gets furious to know all the planning to trap him

In the morning, Rohit and Sonakshi are practicing for the dance steps at the sets of Sonakshi. Raima is trying to choreograph them and Rohit is not able to pull off a step. Sonakshi says please don’t change the step shes like it very much and Rohit will surely do it for her sake. She looks at Rohit with such a puppy face and Rohit kind of agreed silently.

Raima says that she knows him very well and once he had made up his mind on something, he will be stuck to it. Rohit says he will do it as Sonakshi likes this step. He suddenly says to Raima that she is not able to make him learn properly so she should go home and practice with pooja. Raima goes from there dejectly.
Later on in the evening, in the venue of sangeet Suman reached with Pulkit and get happy to see the decorations but wonders where are the media people? Everyone appreciating the decoration inside the venue.
Sonakshi makes a grand entry in the venue. On the other hand, Rohit is coming to the venue with YK and Rohan. He says Sonakshi will look very beautiful in white and gold combination. He just can’t wait to see her in the evening. Mahesh is listening to all these and is fuming in anger. He is driving the car in an inappropriate way and Rohit asks him to be careful. He doesn’t pay attention to anybody and speed up the car and suddenly a lorry comes in front of them and Rohit screams in fear.

Precap – Pulkit informs Sonakshi that Rohit has met with an accident.