Star Plus soap Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is holding the hearts of the audiences daily with the light-hearted and entertainment filled drama.

Show is trying to frame the sequences which are rarely shown on Indian Television before. The makers are trying to focus on the reality more than making it story bound. And this is the reason which is making the show super duper hit among the audiences.

One can easily connect with the show because in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum modernization is at its peak and the soap is daring to show the bold scenes and naughty dialogues without vulgarity, thus breaking the stereotypes of ITV. (If you follow the show you can easily relate with the above mentioned)

Well, in a count of that, in the episode, makers of the show have flawlessly showed Suman and Sonakshi discussing about the nuptial night!

The scene goes like that:-  Sonakshi’s maid Muniya goes to give tea to Suman. She stands and Suman ask if she wanted to talk something.  Muniya said yes and ask Suman to go to Sonakshi and tell her the basics of nuptial night. Suman hesitates but Muniya insists her to go and says Sonakshi knows everything but she doesn’t have any knowledge about these stuffs.

Suman goes to Sonakshi and indirectly tries to raise the topic of nuptial night but Sonakshi don’t let her speak. Afterwards, when Sonakshi learned that Suman is here to make her aware of wedding night, Sonakshi felt proud. She said to Suman that she doesn’t have to hesitate while discussing about nuptial night in fact she is happy she came to talk about the first night.

Sonakshi explained to Suman that sex education should be openly discussed and girl should not hesitate sharing the talk especially with their mother. Suman gets emotional hearing Sonakshi and the duo shares a hug.

Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is indeed breaking the stereotypes on ITV!

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