Kainaat seems to be in a deadly game of love in Star Bharat prime time popular show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. Kainaat who is adamant and dedicated to have Zaroon in her life by hook or crook once again did something unusual which no one will be able to guess. It was no more a hidden fact that Kainaat loves Zaroon and now her love for him reaches to a point where it turned out to be a obsession for him and she is not ready to let go of Zaroon at any cost. Yet she got engaged to Hamza and made Saltanat a villian in everyone eyes.

On the other hand Saltanat once again back to her promise keeping target and she is trying her best to project Kainaat real mindset in front of all.


In the last episode the loyal viewers of the show witnessed the rage of Kainaat post spotting pictures of Zaroon and Saltanat together at the same Restaurant where she and Hamza went for a Iftar cum Date arranged by Zaroon. Kainaat in her fury told Hamza everything that is on her mind. She told him that she was not ready for the engagement so Hamza shouldn’t touch her at any cost. Unfortunately Miyajaan listened to all these things and get disheartened by Kainaat behaviour.

However, Kainaat very cunningly manages to convince Hamza otherwise and made him believe she needs time and will be okay with the marriage. In tonight episode viewers will see Miyajaan will ask Kainaat about her consent regarding her marriage in front of all members of Shah family.

On the other hand a new entry will make his way to Shah family with a motive to be a part of the entire wealth. Later on Zaroon will come to Miyajaan with a shocking demand to put an end to Kainaat expectation of getting him in her life. This will shock Miyajaan to the core but thinking about the situation he will agree for it. What will happen in the lives of Kainaat, Saltanat and Zaroon?

Will Kainaat be able to get Zaroon back in her life or she moved on for real? To know all these we have to wait for the story to unfold further.

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