Fans always think that the TV Jodi they love are special. But the real magic lies in this wonderful couple whom fans refer to as KAIRA, i.e. couple name for Kartik(played by Mohsin Khan) and Naira(played by Shivangi Joshi). Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai fans are always mesmerized by the bond that KAIRA share. 
KAIRA are this Tom and Jerry couple who fight but still can’t live without each other. They started their journey with cute little fights(nok-jhoks). Over the time, they developed so strong liking for each other that they became a couple. 
This beloved couple has always been known for their amazing dream sequences that this couple imagines. They see these dreams when they are completely mesmerized by the other. 
This couple has always carried their family along with them into each phase they faced as a couple. They never let their families have a feeling of being left out. This modern couple also followed the tradition of living in a big joint family. They found their romance time amidst all the family issues and dramas. They have always, willingly, sacrificed a lot for their families. 
Normally, all the daily soaps or movies show their main leads as this perfect human being which is practically very unreal as in the real world, no one is perfect. Amongst all these normal main leads, KAIRA is that couple who is ‘ Imperfectly Perfect’. In the show, KAIRA were never shown as perfect, they were these two individual characters who had faults and had their own share of troubles in life but still they managed to learn from the mistake and move forward.
This imperfection in them brings the pinch of reality in this beautiful couple who make the viewers relatable to these two characters of Kartik and Naira. 
This couple is not the usual silent couple who hesitate to speak up if anything wrong is happening. They seem to be knowing how to maintain balance in situations both with calmness and with a impactful reaction. 
KAIRA have a relationship where both Kartik and Naira have minimum ego which helps them grow as a couple. The minute any one of them realises his/her mistake, they readily apologise and try their level best to set things right. 
The couple has gone through enormous hurdles and still they have managed to maintain the core feeling for each other, static. They went through divorce twice! Still the care and love can be seen each time when they share a scene. 
All these things make KAIRA a very stirring and magical couple. 
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