In Star Plus’s popular serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Karthik and Naira celebrated their wedding anniversary in a romantic way. Yes, this serial is currently surrounded by a lot of twists and turns and showcasing a very sensitive social issue like molesting with the girls in front of the audience, but in the meantime, we have got a chance to seeing our dear couple Kaira’s some mesmerizing romantic scenes, which was quite a blissful experience, and it also lightened the serious atmosphere of the show.

Actually the story of the show at this time is focused on Luv-Kush and Trisha, in which Luv-Kush’s arrival shows that Luv mischief with a girl standing on the way, by pulling her duppatta, but both of them are shocked. When they find out that the girl is Trisha, a friend of Naira’s from Rishikesh Ashram, they are now afraid about Trisha tells their truth to Karthik and Naira. So they start harassing her, but the matter gets out of limitations when Luv tries to molest her, due to which Trisha gets injured during self-defense and is rushed to the hospital where the doctors tells, she is in coma.

Karthik and Naira are still unaware that Trisha’s condition is due to Luv and Kush and the suspense is still intact that Kartik and Naira after knowing the truth will support Luv-Kush or support Trisha to get justice, but at the moment, we got in the midst of this lovely romantic scenes of Kaira, the audience and their fans were very happy and we hope that we will continuesly get such a scenes of Kaira and we sincerely wish that in this track Kaira is shown fighting for justice together so that a good moral can reach the society. Stay connected with us for more updates. Let’s get Buzzing…!!!