Star plus popular daily show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai continue to keep the fans engrossed with their interesting tracks and major twists.In the upcoming episode,Karthik will learn from Naira that he and Kairav share the same birth day and gets excited.He will tell her that they should celebrate it in a very grand way and make it memorable for him.Naira will agree and tell him that this year will be special as he get to celebrate with his father together.She will also tell him that she has not told Kairav that he and his father were born on the same date otherwise he would have thrown a fit and refused to celebrate without him.But now she will tell him and he will go mad with happiness.
Kairav thinks about how he saw his parents arguing and will go sit inside the cupboard feeling upset and sad.He mistakenly locks himself inside as his shoe lace gets stuck on the door.He will faint from suffocation.Naksh will tell Karthik and Naira that Kairav is missing.Karthik will tell Naksh that he went with Vansh to play and the driver informed him.They will see his ball inside the gates and conclude he reached home but missing now.
Everyone will search for Kairav outside then Naira and Karthik will go and check inside the house.Naira will see Kairav’s shoelace peeping from cupboard and opens it to find Kairav unconscious.Doctor will examine him and declare he is fine and will regain consciousness soon.Naksh will pull Karthik outside and blames him for Kairav’s actions.He will tell Karthik,Kairav must have heard from someone about the difference he and Naira is having and is upset.He further tells Karthik that only because of him Naira faked her own death and faced all problems.Karthik will leave shattered.
Later Naira will call Karthik and tell him Kairav regained consciousness and is fine.She will console him for what Naksh said and cheers him up.Karthik will request her not to take Kairav too far away.Naira will recollect her promise to Vedika.
To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for more updates.