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The episode starts with Bhavani saying to the apartment ladies that she made all the arrangements. The apartment ladies praise Ishika and they ask Ishika to do the Gudi Padwa ritual. Bhavani agrees. The apartment ladies leave from there. Amruta says to Bhavani that she has an interview and after that interview she will get ready for the Gudi Padwa ritual. Bhavani agrees.

Virat tries to find out who is the one that stole Jahan Kaur’s house. Abhiraj sneakily witness all of this from afar.

Bhavani looks at Amruta and thinks if Amruta likes this job she will leave to her village as she doesn’t want Amruta and Harsh to be humiliated with what Jayesh is going to do next.

Virat and Shekhar talk about Amruta leaving from here. Virat says go Shekhar once Amruta leaves from here he will be able to calmly focus on who is the true conspirator.

Ishika gets ready for Gudi Padwa ritual. Suman comes to Ishika’s house and she cautions Ishika saying Virat is trying to find out the owner of King Virat corporation and says Virat will know by the end of the day that she is the one who stole Jahan’s house. Suman leaves from there. Ishika worries about Virat and Amruta finding out the truth.

Bhavani gets ready for the Gudi Padwa. Amruta comes out after getting ready. Amruta and Bhavani praise each other. Jahan also gets ready for the Gudi Padwa ritual.

Amruta thinks it is better for her to leave this city and she thinks Ishika is the one targeting Virat to take revenge on them.

Amruta invites all the apartments ladies. Amruta asks the apartment ladies which colour cloth should she put outside for decoration. The apartment ladies don’t tell her. Virat signals red colour. Amrita agrees.

Amruta talks with Bhavani how they used to celebrate in Jahan’s house the Gudi Padwa ritual in the past. Jahan says this year also they will do it. Virat overhearing this says to Amruta in his heart that today he will get back Jahan Kaur her house today.

Deepika comes to Ishika and laughs at Ishika as she blackened her forehead. Deepika asks Ishika to look at her forehead. Ishika recalls she accidentally blackened her face.

Amruta and Bhavani dance to a song. Bhavani invites Virat and she also asks Virat to dance with them. Babita feels upset seeing Virat dancing with Amruta.

Shekhar brings a file to Virat and says to Virat that in this file there is the name of the person who stole Jahan Kaur house. Virat sees the file and takes Babita away to talk to her. Ishika thinks Virat is going to send her to jail. Ishika decides to escape from here.

Virat says to Babita that he found out who is the one that stole Jahan Kaur’s house. Virat says it is her.

Abhiraj sees Ishika trying to open the lock. Abhiraj says to Ishika that he knows she is the one who stole Jahan Kaur house but he asks her not to worry as he made false documents that says Babita is the one who stole Jahan Kaur house. Abhiraj says to Ishika that she needs to become his puppet. Ishika agrees.

Virat asks Babita how can she do this. Babita argues with Virat and says to Virat that he is falsely accusing her. Babita asks Virat to shut up.

Episode ends.