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The episode starts with Shekhar asking Virat if they should leave. Amruta says to Virat that this cap is looking ridiculous on him and says this cap is given to him by Shekhar and says Shekhar pulled a prank on him. Virat throws the cap at Shekhar. Amruta says to Virat that Bhavani prepared a cap for him and he will look good wearing it. Virat agrees.

Bhavani makes Virat a cap. Deepika praises Virat saying he is looking great in Marathi’s clothes. Amruta also comes after a while. Deepika also praises Amruta saying their about to be daughter in law is looking great. Amruta says to Virat that this is feeling good. Virat also feels the same that he likes the thought of getting engaged to Amruta. Bhavani says to Virat and Amruta that they should start the ritual. Bhavani gives Aarthi to Virat and Amruta. Bhavani gifts new clothes to Virat. Bebe asks Bhavani if these are the clothes that she gave to Gautham. Amruta says to Bebe that it’s a good joke.

Bhavani is about to give a turmeric stick to Amruta but she drops it. Virat catches it. Virat stops a mishap from happening. Virat puts turmeric stick in Amruta’s lap.

Bhavani later tells Dildar that he has to put Sugar in Amruta’s lap and says it will be considered that they also agree to this marriage. Virat gets a call and he goes to take it.

The techie says to Virat over the phone that he traced the last location of the phone and says it is in his building and he will give him the exact location once the phone gets turned on.

Virat comes and sits beside Amruta. The pandit comes to Amruta and Virat. The Pandit says he has fixed the wedding date of Virat and Amruta and says the wedding date is 27th may 2024. Jahan hearing it asks the Dhol wale to play the Dhol. Jayesh and Ishika come to Virat and Amruta’s engagement. Jayesh says this engagement will not happen without his blessings. Jayesh says he came to fulfill his duty as a father. Harsha also comes to the wedding. Jayesh blesses Amruta. Dildar also blesses Amruta. Babita steals one of the sugar cones and tampers with it.

Bhavani asks Amruta to put the ring on Virat’s finger. Amruta hesitates to do it. Amruta does it after awhile. Virat apologises to Amruta.

Episode ends.