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The episode starts with Amruta putting the ring on Virat’s finger. Babita says to Dildar that he has forgotten giving Shagun to Amruta. Babita says she will first feed sugar to Amruta with her own hands. Ishika says she will give this sugar box to Amruta. Ishika opens the sugar box. Ishika gets ants all over her body. Ishika asks Jayesh for help. Babita thinks if Ishika hasn’t taken this box then the ants will be all over Amruta. Babita thinks Ishika ruined her plan. Babita scolds Amruta and Bhavani for their carelessness. Babita says Amruta might have wantonly done this. Babita says she will not allow this marriage to happen. Babita throws Chiknesh family luggage and she asks Chiknesh family to leave from here. A phone falls out of Amruta’s luggage. Virat asks Amruta whose phone is this. Amruta says she doesn’t know. Virat turns on the phone. The detective calls Virat and says to Virat that the phone he is looking for has been turned on. Virat says to Amruta that the detective he hired just called him and said that the phone he is looking for has been turned on. Virat says to Amruta that she is behind all of this. Virat says to Amruta that she is the one who leaked those photos in the internet. Amruta asks Virat why would she think that he would do this kind of thing. Babita asks Virat how can he be sure that this is the phone that he is looking for. Virat asks Shekhar to bring out the phone. Shekhar brings out the phone. Virat says to everyone that this is the phone that he got from the person who leaked their photos in the internet. Virat says there is only one phone no in this phone and he calls it. The phone taken from Amruta’s bags rings. Virat says to Amruta that this confirms that she is the one who leaked their photos in the internet. Amruta defends herself saying she hasn’t done it. Nimrit says when Virat gifted Amruta a flat she understood Virat only thinks of her as an employee that’s why she planned all of this. Virat says to Amruta that she might have called someone through this phone and took their pictures. Virat comments on Amruta as she is trying now to forcefully marry him. Amruta understands Virat is just acting. Virat asks Shekhar to call the cops. Amruta says she is not scared of the cops. Virat asks Shekhar to give this phone to IG forensic lab and says once they get Amruta’s fingerprints on this phone they can send her to jail. Amruta comments on it. Amruta gives her fingerprints. Virat leaves from there.

Shekhar calls Virat and informs him that forensic results are out. Babita thinks she has to think of a way to change those results as her finger prints will come on the phone.

Harsha comes to Amruta and comments on her as she is trying to help Virat prove his innocence and he insulted her.

Virat comes to Amruta with his special noodles. Virat asks Amruta how did she know that he was acting. Amruta comments on it and says she catched his hint. Virat praises Amruta. Virat later asks Amruta to get ready and says the lab results came out. Amruta says he told that the results will come tomorrow. Virat says he was lying infront of everyone. Virat says he also hasn’t given the phone to IG Forensic lab but he gave it to Protoss lab. Virat says they will collect the report from Protoss lab and Shekar will wait at IG forensic lab and if anyone comes there. Shekhar will inform him. Amruta praises Virat.

Babita overhears Virat and Amruta leaving to the real lab to get reports. Babita understands that Virat and Amruta were just putting up an act and this marriage is also an act.

Virat and Amruta wait for the results. Babita sees Virat and Amruta have gone to sleep and she goes to get the results.

Episode ends.