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The episode starts with Juneja and Meena praising Amruta infront of the Ahujas. Babita thinks how did Amruta come here. Amruta says to Ahuja family that her health is fine now. Juneja and Meena say to Ahuja family that they should do a ritual before doing other things. Dildar asks Juneja and Neena what is the ritual. Meena says Amruta and Virat should feed each other the first bite when they eat food. The Ahuja family and Juneja family leave from there. Babita messages to Kavita that the plan has been cancelled.

Juneja asks Amruta to sit beside Virat. Amruta agrees. Amruta feeds the first bite to Virat foecefully. Meena and Juneja think Virat and Amruta are a great couple. Juneja says to Virat that he is really lucky as he got a wife like Amruta. Amruta tries to leave the table. Virat stops Amruta and feeds food to Amruta. Virat also puts Chutney on Amruta’s nose. Amruta leaves from there. Virat goes after Amruta.

Virat acts as if he is cleaning the Chutney on Amruta’s nose. Virat argues with Amruta and asks Amruta where was she yesterday. Amruta says she has gotten into trouble but what does it mean to him as he always thinks that she will do things to deceive him. Virat recalls what happened yesterday and asks Amruta if she was here yesterday. Amruta comments on it. Amruta leaves from there.

Amruta sees three guys are ogling Priyanka when she comes to the swimming pool. Amruta doesn’t know she is Priyanka.

Amruta comments on those guys in her heart and leaves to the washroom.

Nimrit says to Bebe that Harsh put Amruta on a night train and sent her to Goa. Bebe and Nimrit think Amruta is doing all of this to prove that this deal cannot happen without her. Rajiv comes to Nimrit and lashes out at her for the juice being spicy. Bebe asks Rajiv how could he talk to Nimrit like that. Rajiv says he hasn’t seen her and he makes up a reason for his behaviour. Bebe leaves from there.

Nimrit asks Rajiv how could he talk like that infront of Bebe with her. Nimrit says to Rajiv that she will not stand this misbehaviour. Rajiv throws the juice at Nimrit’s face. Rajiv says to Nimrit how he will escape if she says the truth to Bebe. Rajiv says he is behaving like this because she couldn’t become a wife that she wanted that’s why he is doing this. Rajiv says the fault lies in her. Nimrit sees Bebe coming towards her. Nimrit leaves from there.

Amruta after washing her nose runs into Priyanka. Priyanka apologises to Amruta. Amruta says to Priyanka that 3 guys were ogling at her at the swimming pool and asks Priyanka to be careful. Priyanka comments on it. Priyanka gets a call and she goes to take it.

Amruta leaves the washroom. Amruta sees one of the 3 guys at the swimming pool passing by her and she notices Priyanka being abducted by 3 guys. Amruta chases her.

Virat pitches his idea to the Juneja. Juneja likes the idea and agrees to sign the deal. Juneja asks Virat where is Amruta. Babita acts as if she is feeling headache and asks Virat to go and get her medicine. Virat agrees and leaves from there.

The 3 guys bring Priyanka into a room and they try to misbehave with her. Priyanka shouts from the room. Amruta hearing it goes to Priyanka and rescues Priyanka from those guys but Amruta gets caught by those 3 guys.

Episode ends.