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The episode starts with the Mehandi artist asking Amruta to prepare a Mehandi cone for Babita. Amruta agrees. Shekhar says there should be some dance.

Virat and Amruta dance for a song. All the guests and others are shown to be joining the dance. Babita thinks she has to do something. Deepika pulls Kavita to dance with them. Kavita drops the orange juice and the glass breaks. Babita picks up glass shards and thinks to herself that if she has to bear some pain to seperate Amruta and Virat then she will happily bear it.

Babita makes glass shards into powder and mixes them in the Mehandi cone. Amruta dreams of doing a romantic dance with Virat.

Deepika says she is tired doing the dance. Babita says to Deepika that her Mehandi is great. Deepika says there is some Mehandi left in her cone.

Amruta says to Deepika that she will get a new cone for Babita. Amruta picks up the glass shards Mehandi cone and gives it to the Mehandi artist.

Babita says to the Mehandi artist that she likes old style Mehandi. The Mehandi artist agrees. The Mehandi artist applies Mehandi in Babita’s hand. Babita presses the Mehandi and injures her hand. Babita shouts in pain. The Mehandi artist says there are glass shards in the cone. Babita blames Amruta saying she is the one who brought the Mehandi cone and comments on her. Virat asks Nimrit to call the doctor.

The doctor takes out the glass shards in Babita’s hand. Nimrit asks Virat to do something and says it is not right for him to stay silent after what happened with Babita.

Virat comes and questions Amruta if she did this. Amruta asks Virat why would he think she did this. Virat reminds Amruta that Babita raised her hand at Amruta. Amruta comments on it. Deepika comes and asks Virat to come to Babita. Deepika steps on the glass shards. Jahan asks Deepika if she was the one who broke the glass. Deepika says it has been accidentally broken and leaves from there. Jahan says when the glass was broken the glass shards might have fallen in the Mehandi pot that’s how there are glass shards in Mehandi. Jahan says to Virat that she shouldn’t have suspected Amruta like this. Virat apologises to Amruta. Amruta leaves from there.

Jahan complaints to Bhavani as Virat accused Amruta. Bhavani says it isn’t his fault and says anyone would have reacted the same.

Virat apologises to Amruta for what happened yesterday and says he will trust her. Amruta comments on it. Amruta reminds that they are doing this fake wedding to catch the culprit. Babita eavesdrops on their conversation. Babita decides to put an end to Virat and Amruta’s fake wedding.

Episode ends.